Friday, April 17, 2009

New Adventures!

A lot has been going on. Like, life-altering things. Mostly good, but as we all know good stress is still stress. I've been disconnected for a bit, just to get things straight in my own head. So... here's a brief recap:

The best news ever:
The day after the weird Chinese lady fortune telling, her vision came true. JP took me on a romantic, surprise date the next night. No clue what was going on, all I knew was that I had to be dressed and ready to go by the time he picked me up at 6 pm. We went to a Detroit icon resturant (former mansion, turned top-notch, have to go at some point in your life, resturant). We had a private room upstairs, private waitstaff and a tremendous dinner. In a total shock to me, he proposed! It was an amazing night and one I will never forget! Admittedly, I've been floating on a cloud for the past three weeks.

Busy, busy, busy:
Last week was super busy at work. I busted my butt in NY for the New York Auto Show and was ready to come home at the end of the week. The Easter holiday came just in time, it was great to have a long weekend of friends and family after the crazy week in the Big Apple!

Now what?
Wednesday was my last day of being gainfully employed. The auto industry is clearly doing badly and I was one of the innocents that got swept up in the mess. My on-site account with GM ended and my PR agency didn't have enough work for me to go back (like I would under normal circumstances). Everyone was great about it and I'll miss my co-workers dearly. My game plan is to take 2 weeks off and just rejuvenate myself. Sleep in, get organized, work out, get a massage. Then, I'll dive back into getting up, showering on a regular basis and finding a new job. Wish me luck!

The new adventure:
I know there's something out there for me and perhaps this was just the push I needed to do something else. Plus, I have a wedding to plan now! We're going to start off with a fresh new life together and the possibilities are endless!