Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fairweather Friend

Well, make that a fairweather runner. Today is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Low 70's, sunny and a slight spring breeze. And, since we are in daylight savings time I was able to go for a run after work without running in the dark. Now, I haven't been to the gym in a long time. It's been so crazy this past 3-4 weeks, that I have been cherrishing my sleep. Today, I was anxious to get outside and get some fresh air. Also, since I just moved there was lots to explore.

I ran for about 30 minutes, but then just got tired of running. Not tired, tired of running. A nice walk sounded so much better, so I ended up walking for about 30 minutes. I'm not sure why, but a nice stroll is what I needed. My new place is right near the main street area, so there were little stores, coffee shops and resturants to explore. I can pretty much walk to anything I need. JP and I are planning on doing a lot of walking once it gets nice! I'm kinda bummed I wasn't up for a run, but at least I was able to get outside and move around.

After my post about never wanting to see another moving box, I almost moved to Atlanta. I had a job opportunity to do a short-term assignment in Atlanta. I was SO excited, but it ended up falling through. Sure, I'm not up for a long-distance relationship, but it would only be a few months. I'm still pretty disappointed, but I guess it wasn't meant to be... just like the short-term assignment to NYC didn't pan out this past summer... Something good has to be in store for me, doesn't it? So, instead of Atlanta I got the booby prize. I'm doing a short-term on-site assignment with one of my clients. Not super excited. Everyone keeps telling me that it's only 4-6 weeks. I know this in my head, but it's only day 2 and I'm really dreading tomorrow (and the next 4-6 weeks). I guess anything compared to moving to Atlanta for 10 weeks would seem not as fabulous.

Anyway, it's suppose to be nice for the next couple of days so hopefully I'll get some good runs in. Or walks... those are good, too. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Deeetrooit Baaasketbaaal

I have always loved Pistons basketball! So, you can guess how excited I was when I landed... two court side tickets for the Detroit v. Cleveland game!!!!! I'm usually in the nosebleed seats (not that I mind), but these were court side seats. I'm talking on the floor, close enough to smell the sweat.

It was a great game and it went into OT. Unfortunately we lost, but great seats and great basketball.

Unfortunately, I'm in Indy for work. Yep, I had to give up my COURT SIDE SEATS! I cannot believe I finally landed some kick ass seats, and I couldn't go. JP and his brother took the tickets and had a great time. His brother helped us both so much with moving, so I'm glad JP could take him. Ugg... stupid career getting in the way. :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I see one more moving box...

It's been an interesting last couple of weeks. Dont' worry, it'll be the short version.

Two weeks ago Monday night, JP's townhouse flooded and the ceiling fell in. No one was hurt, but they lost nearly everything. It was a HUGE mess and lots of long nights and early mornings! The worst part was that we had to go through everything to see what we could salvage and what we had to leave there. Here's a look at it shortly after it all happened:

JP moved that Friday -- For a lot of things being ruined, he sure had a lot of stuff to move. :) It's been difficult unpacking because we're still trying to figure out what is okay and what's ruined completely. And, he has an odd mix of things since he and his brother needed to split things up. Example: He has six spoons, but only two forks. He has the complete set of glasses and plates, but no pots and pans (or any cooking utensil for that matter) to cook.

I moved that Saturday -- It's the first time I've ever lived by myself. So far, so good. I haven't unpacked everything yet, but all in good time. JP has been traveling a lot, so I've been trying to help him on the weekends so I can do my place after work. My commute to work is shorter, so that is definitely a major plus! It's a good size, has a nice kitchen, a full size washer and dryer (this was my deal breaker) and a balcony overlooking a pond. Everyone told me that I was going to love being on my own, but I was hesitant. The morning I picked up my keys, I went to take a look at my new apartment before all the craziness of the move started. When I went in, I had the weirdest feeling and a smile... this was going to be my own place. We'll see how it goes.

JP's brother and his girlfriend moved to Chicago on that Sunday. There was a horrible ice storm, so I was (secretly) a little pleased that we didn't need to go to help. And, if you're keeping count that's three moves in three days. They sent pictures of their new digs -- a simply gorgeous condo on Michigan Ave. Did I tell you how cute my new place is? :)

Anyway, both JP and I are on the road this week for work so no unpacking will be taking place until the weekend. (And, I'm sure you can figure out how much running I have (not) been doing. Lots more has been going on, but I'll save that for later.