Sunday, April 30, 2006

My first long run...

Today's mission: Base check - run as far as I can
Goal: 8 miles
Temp: low 60's, overcast

I went to a local metro park where I used to train. It has an 8 mile loop and several off-shoots to get in more mileage. The scenery is beautiful and the loop is great for training since it has a variety of hills, inclines/declines, turns, etc. I was a little nervous because I'd been having stabbing pains (scale 1-10: 6) on my left side all morning. As I was packing my bag, I was heartbroken to realize my (cute, little) iPod's battery was nearly drained and my charger was at the office. Thanks to my super cool roommate for letting me use her (cute, little) iPod Shuffle. Fun! New music to listen to!

Mile 1: 9:56
When I hit the first 1/2 mile mark, I looked at my watch and realize I was on a 10:00 pace. Hmmm.... perhaps I should slow down. I obviously didn't.

Mile 2: 9:59
Seriously, slow down. There was also a little girl on a bike that had some cotton candy (there was some sort of event going on). I was half-tempted to swipe it out of her hands and run away with it. I love cotton candy!

Mile 3: 10:04
Okay, a little bit better. But, you know what, this is a base check so what the hell. If I die, I die. Then I know where I am. The pace was comfortable, so it wasn't as if I was going out like a freak to see how fast I could go.

Mile 4: 10:09
This is the mile of the big ass hill. When I was in my prime, I could bound up it as if it were nothing. And, I did repeats on this hill. (Was I crazy!?!?) As I was starting to round the curve to get up this big ass hill with its slow, steady, pain-inducing incline the song, "We will Rock You" appropriately came on. Before, I would concentrate on form, driving my legs, light on my toes. Right. Now, the question of "Am I moving?" took over. I admit it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be, but it was far from fun. And, when I got to the top the song, "We are the Champions" came on. Note to the iPod Shuffle god: Thanks for the unneeded irony.

Mile 5: 9:54

Mile 6: 9:45
What!?!?! This is where I started to get into the rhythm. It's still odd for this former sprinter that it takes several miles to really get into it.

Mile 7: 9:58
This is where I realized that I can still run. Even though I am coming up on finishing 8 miles, the farthest I've run in a year, I have a lot of work to do. The pace was still comfortable and I didn't feel like I was ready to collapse, but my body just didn't feel strong. It didn't necessarily feel weak, it just didn't feel strong. I need to be careful and make sure I completely build my foundation before I get into too many miles. Distance is a part of this, but rebuilding my body as a whole is going to be very important.

Mile 8: 9:43
The last half mile was tough. It has a series of inclines/declines that made me lose my breath. (unless it was the cute guy I passed for the second time that smiled at me) The goal was accomplished. Weird, I thought I would be overjoyed but I think it was more of a sigh of relief.

Whoo hooo!!

Friday I met with Joe since I was going to be out of town on Saturday. Oh, yes, he totally ditched me! I had a frantic voicemail on my phone Wednesday morning. After he told me to go warm up and he'd meet me in five minutes he COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT ME! How, I'm not quite sure. I am pretty unforgetable. :) He got busy and it completely slipped his mind. So, I'm up there running and forgot about him. He didn't realize it until he was doing a rundown in his head Wednesday morning of what his day looked like. He felt pretty bad and I gave him lots of crap for it. :)

Anyway, Friday's session was okay. The thing about training is that you have to be so dedicated. Thursday, my eating schedule, water in-take and sleep was totally thrown off so I was totally off on Friday. We did quads, calves, shoulders, tri's and abs. I bonked about 35 minutes into our workout. It was not fun. And, it just ticks me off when I'm off on the days we meet. I need to maxamize our workouts to the fullest.

So, that's the exciting weekend update on my workouts.

(Trying) to re-live the college life

This weekend I re-lived the college life... well, kinda. It's hard to go back after you've been for a few years. While I fondly remembered the good times of college, I'm pretty glad that I'm where I am now. Having an actual schedule, getting more than 4 hours of sleep, and not eating mac and cheese everyday is something I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up.

Thursday I went up to my alma mater to speak at a banquet. It was the end-of-the-year celebreation for the pre-professional group I was involved with and now a part of the professional group. And, our major's alumni association hosted a cocktail hour for the graduating seniors. While I know this is a party and that they are still in college, there wasn't as much "professional development" as there was, say, clevage. We five alumni stuck out like a sore thumb in our suits. The invitation said semi-formal dress, but we weren't going to follow that. One, because we drove up after working and two, because we thought it was kinda silly. When we were students, we used this banquet to invite alumni back that were successful in our field of choice. The keynote speakers were always encouraging and gave us a glimpse into the world that we were soon to be a part of. Yea... not so much. This year I learned who had the best shoes in the group and one of the year-end awards was an IOU to take a senior to one of the infamous clubs on campus. (and by infamous I mean drunk, half-dressed freshman girls and "cool" freshman guys that pop their collars) We kept saying that it was their banquet and they should do what they want. I must say though, I was a little disapointed that it had moved so far away from what we started.

Friday and Saturday my family traveled across the state to celebrate my brother's graduation. After his honor's college reception on Friday, we helped him pack up our parent's car with as much stuff as possible. His apartment is awesome (I lived in such a hole compared to him) but it was filled with a lot of stuff. I stayed with him that night, which was nice, but the smell of boy apartment wasn't so great. Ughh, that is something I don't miss. Crap everywhere, you have to check the glass that came out of the cupboard to make sure it's actually clean, as you peer into the shower you contemplate skipping the shower as you may be cleaner without it than if you get in, etc., etc.

Saturday's graduation was long, but what graduation isn't? You know you love your family and are really proud of them when you sit for four hours to hear their name announced as they walk across the stage in about 45 seconds. Congrats little brother!

This weekend really made me realize that I want to start my MBA. I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I'm ready to commit and do it. While it was fun visiting my school and hanging out with my brother and his roommates, I'm glad to continue moving forward with my life. So many people get caught up in "the best years of their life" which makes me sad for them. It was great, but there is so much more I have't done yet. Plus, I do enjoy my sleep!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Another great PT session... well, not really. Still lots of pain and it's going to, "just take time." As I was laying on the table all I could think of was, "Seriously. Who signs up for an hour of letting someone cause you extreme pain?" The rest of the day my entire mid-section hurt. Scale 1-10: 6 continuous pain.

Today I ran three miles (10:00 pace) and lots and lots of push ups (on the bosu) and limited crunches. Again, I love running with my (cute, little) iPod. I wanted to do four miles, but three was pushing it. I hate how I feel after PT. I'm always so sore for the rest of the day.

Enough serious stuff. I came across a great little book in my office's library, "The Enclyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures: 1,001 Things You Hate to Love" by Sam Stall, Lou Harry, and Julia Spalding. Here's one excerpt:

"American Gladiators Was this ultra-low-budget program truly a game show? Maybe, but instead of answering lame-brain questions from an emcee, contestants tried to overpower a pack of muscle-bound spandex-clad "gladiators" with bad stripper names like Zap, Nitro, and Laser. Hapless participants, most of them half the size of their opponents, would do everything from run obstacle courses to play a particularly violent-looking game of half-field football called Powerball. The show ran from 1989-1997 and ushered in a whole new type of "game show" - the trial by ordeal, as perfected by the likes of Fear Factor and Survivor."

I will admit it. I wached American Gladiators... didn't Powerball look like so much fun!?! Come on, I know you secretly watched it too.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I think my trainer ditched me...

Tonight I was suppose to meet with Joe. He met me at the door and, as usual, told me to hit the track to warm up and he'd be up in a few minutes. So, I started running and totally zoned out. A little while later I looked down at my watch and realized an hour had gone by. I think he ditched me. :) So, I went downstairs and didn't see him. Assuming some emergency happened, I did some core work:

3 sets - side to side with the medicine ball on the bosu ball (20 reps)
3 sets - some sort of ab movement on the stability ball (12 reps, each leg)
3 sets - lunges on the bosu ball (12 each leg, front and back foot on the bosu)

Anyway, I'm not too upset that we missed our training. I think it was a good thing for me to just run today. Not sure how far I went, but an hour of running isn't bad.

Scale 1-10: 6, stabbing pains on both sides

On a lighter note... here's just one more reason I'm so glad to be at the agency instead of downtown. It is Tuesday and I decided when I got up this morning that I wanted to wear jeans. And, I did! Sometimes it is definitely the small things that make you smile!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Deeetroit Baaasketball!!!!!

Round 1: 1-0 Whoooo hooooo!!!!

We started out at B-dubs for potato wedges and cold beer ("It doesn't get any better than that.") For the first time all season, we got there in time for tip off which was awesome. Seriously, if you are a Detroit-er (and yes, the burbs count) there is nothing more exciting that hearing Mason's voice thundering through the Palace, feeling the heat from they pyrotechnics and watching the starting five huddle up!

We won the first game and was it freaking fun! I did not show my cute little boy shorts, Piston's underwear to those that sat next to us. Although I did offer... just kidding. Not enough alcohol in me to do that! (Mouse and I cheerfully joked with the males around us - who gave the correct answer to our "running around our apartment in our underwear story." These guys were definitly more interesting that others that we know... You know who you are.)

Basically the entire fourth quarter we stood up cheering, dancing and banging our thunder sticks together. Deeeeetroit Baaaasketball!

(Yes, Rock Financial is taking over the world...)

One step forward, three steps backwards

Story of my life. Today at PT we discovered the complications are more extensive than orginally realized. She's still not sure if it's fucking nerve damage or not, but at this point I really don't care what it is. I told her I wish I could cut out the region of my body ranging from my belly button to mid-thigh. The thing that frustrates, but really more than anything freaks me the hell out, is that after nearly a year I didn't know this was wrong. That is what has me convinced that there is something seriously wrong (well, besides the fact that I'm in pain A FUCKING YEAR LATER) with me that they just haven't figured out yet.

She asked me if I was okay and I shook my head. She asked what was bothering me and I replied that I didn't know. I really didn't. She asked if it was frustrating and, of course like a headcase, I broke down. I know she was being supportive but she reminded me how far I've come. True, but honestly, I don't want to think about it. I know I've made progress, but I am so freaking tired of "looking on the bright side." I know I've made progress, but what about the fact that I am still not better. I'm tired of people telling me I need to be patient. Haven't I been patient enough? What more am I suppose to do?

One thing she said that made me re-examine everything is that no one really knows what I've been through. No one really knows what my pain feels like. As silly as it is, it took her to say that for me to realize it's true. I don't really know how much I talk about it. It seems to me like I talk about it a lot, but it may be because it's something that is always on my mind. And, now I blog about it.

I'm just so tired of it. I want to move on with my life, and I've made a lot of changes but it doesn't seem to do any good. For as many "good" things I've done, I'm still in the same spot - it hasn't been fixed and, oh, we found more wrong with you. What am I suppose to do? I can have as much freaking "positive thinking" as possible, but it doesn't stop the fact that my body is completely jacked up and doing its own thing. Seriously, I am so fucking tired of this whole ordeal. I wish I would just heal like normal people and go back to my life.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cardio workout - yuck!

So, I can run 5 miles but I am sucking air after a couple of wind sprints. That about sums up my training session yesterday. After a quick warm up we did:

3 sets:
Squat machine (12 reps)
Jumping on and off the step box (20 reps) - These blow!

3 sets:
Side to side on the bosu (60 seconds) - I've come to learn that I hate any and all exercises that have "side to side" in it
Lunges on the bosu (12 reps)

3 sets:
Leg lifts on the captin's chair (8 reps)*
Side to side with a medicine ball while balancing on a bosu ball (20 reps)
Passing the medicine ball from side to side, being back to back with Joe (20 reps)
Stairs (2 reps)

1 lap - jog
1/2 lap - sprint
1/2 - jog
1/2 lap - high knees
1/2 lap - butt kicks
1 lap jog
1 lap sprint
1 lap jog

It was an okay workout. It took me a little while to get into it, which is always a pain. It wouldn't be so much if it were just me, but I want to make sure I maximize my workouts with Joe. Looking back, it doesn't seem like that much of a workout. Oh well, guess everyone has an off day.

* So the leg lifts completely and totally freaked me out. I hadn't done anything so strenuous in nearly a year. It was such a mental thing. I finally got the nerve to do it and it was tough. He had to assist and we were only doing 8 reps. More than anything it scared the shit out of me. When I went to do the side to sides on the bosu ball (which I've been doing for a couple of weeks now), all of a sudden I had a flashback of being in the hospital bed. I'm not sure why. I haven't thought about that, well, really ever. It didn't feel anything like when I was in the hospital, but for some reason that image and feeling came flooding back. It was horrible and really shook me up. I thought I was doing better since I was working out, and beginning to enjoy it again. I took some major steps backwards yesterday though. Joe asked how I felt and I said it was more mental than anything. He's really encouraging and keeps telling me it'll take a little time. We'll keep working the core and soon I'll be doing more advanced stuff. Anyway, it was really bizarre and totally freaked me out.

Last night, mouse and I went out for a little while to hear a local band, the Killer Flamingo's, play. First, we had to stop in at The Post to say hello to a friend. Ugg, I just feel dirty walking in the door. Said hello, had one beer, in and out in 20 minutes. Perfect. Fifth Avenue was ruined by a poor barstaff and the swarms of annoying people that surrounded us. I think I had more fun dancing around our apartment while we were getting ready to go...

Anyway, T minus 6 1/2 hours until... DEEETROOOOIT BAAAASKETBALL!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ugghh... dumb people

Today's list of little things that made me roll my eyes and wonder why people are dumb:

1. During the morning commute I was listening to a local radio station that is known for their "War of the Roses" scam. Basically, you can call in and the DJs help you find out if your significant other is cheating on you by calling them and posing as a flower company. For answering a two question survey, you can send a dozen free roses to anyone you want and, hopefully but usually it's not, you say the name of the person that called in. If you have to call a radio station, yes your significant other is cheating on you. The caller today wanted to know because she had been dating him for a few months and basically knew nothing about him. How the met: he called her number by mistake. They met because he called the wrong number. (and yes, he sent to the roses to someone else.)

2. The office was a comfortable temp today, but everyone still had to complain about how cold it was yesterday. Hello. It's comfortable today. Enjoy it. Quit complaining that you have to hide your (illegal) space heaters. It is a fire code. Oh, and a four foot space heater that could heat a house... seriously, why would you bring that to the office. How about the little box ones like everyone else?

3. Don't people know how to alphabetize? Did you not learn in grade school that when something starts with "the" you defer to the first letter of the next word? Seriously, "LA Times" does not come before "The Detroit News."

4. Yet another reason why Ohio people are the worst drivers ever. Driving 35 mph on a 45 mph road, in the middle lane, during rush hour, with a space of at least six car lengths in front of you, riding your breaks as you approach a green light.

5. A note to Canadians driving in Michigan - you don't need to stop for a blinking yellow light. It's not going to change red.

6. Guys are dumb (this is for my friend Julie)


Scale 1-10: 5 across the incision and on the two ends

Felt good running my five miles tonight (10:30 pace). I like having my (cute, little) iPod with me. Definitely makes the time go by quickly, especially on a treadmill. I do need to find a training plan soon, even though I won't be "officially" training for a while. I feel like I kinda need to pre-train so I'm ready to train. Weird, I know. Just want to see where my base is and do all that I can to build it up to a reasonable level. Not so sure I'll be going sub-four at Detroit, but I'd like to do a respectable time. Oh man, I think I may like running again...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A day of highs and lows

Today was a roller-coaster day of highs and lows.

High: Got to sleep in a little this morning since I had PT and don't go into work until afterwards. It was sunny out and I liked the outfit I put together (it doesn't take much). Ate breakfast with my roommate.

High: My physical therapist had been on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks, so it had been a while. She was pleased with what I had done in her absence (working out again and the exercises she gave me to do). Reassured me that she thinks I am going to get better.
Low: She wants me to think about letting her do an exam. Exams hurt like hell, so I'm not too excited about it. Most women have one a year... I can't count how many I've had in the past year. Seriously. She wants to do it to figure out why exams hurt much more than they should. Hmmm.... not to sure about this. She was pretty agressive with my treatment today and I left not feeling so hot. It was hard to concentrate at work because it hurt so much. Scale 1-10: 7 across the incision. Very intense. Took an Alleve, didn't do anything.

High/Low: The office was freaking freezing... again. Although not as cold as yesterday. Read: my hands didn't turn purple today.

High: Went out to dinner after work with some friends.
Low: Didn't order a drink because I needed to run afterwards.
High: Did partake in the "Mile High Ice Cream Cake" - yum, yum, yum!

Funny: "beautiful spirit" guy called me as I was leaving Champs... being the second time he called me today. I told him I didn't think us getting together was going to work out since our schedules weren't meshing very well. I was proud of myself for not following in the footsteps of the guys in the world that have dicked me over.

Low: Went home to grab my stuff (it was too late and dark to run outside) and couldn't get my music downloaded to my (cute, little) iPod. Stupid technology. Got to the gym a little after 9 pm

High: Got in 3 miles (10:30 pace) before my abdomen hurt too much to continue. Caught myself thinking about which training plan I was going to do for Detroit. Caught myself thinking about how many more races I was going to get under my belt again before I start setting my sights on a tri. I think I'm back.

High: Got my iPod to work! I'm getting more tech-savy as we speak!

Low: Piston's lost tonight in the last regular season game. Seriously though, all of our starters didn't start tonight. Give them a rest because...
High: I have tickets for Round 1, Game 1. Deeetroit Baaaaasketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm back... well, I'm getting there

I think I'm getting into shape! Today, my session with Joe wasn't the usual torture and I was surprised when the hour was up. That is definitely a good sign. Here was the workout,:

warm up around the track for about 10 minutes

3 sets:
Squats on the machine (12 reps)
Squats on a flipped bosu ball (10 reps)
High knees - 60 seconds
30 second break

3 sets:
Leg extentions (12-10-8)
Side to side on the bosu ball - 60 seconds
30 second break

3 sets:
Seated leg curls (12-10-8)
Lunges with the bar (12-10-8, each leg)
Stairs with an 8.5 lbs medicine ball (about 20 steps up)
30 second break

3 sets:
Chest press (12-10-8)
Push ups (12 reps)
30 second break

3 sets:
Some sort of arm/lat machine, not sure what it's called (12, power set 8)
30 second break

I love getting stretched out!

Scale 1-10: 6 stabbing pains, left side

Oh, the most exciting news of the day. I bought tickets for Round 1, Game 1 for... Your... Detroit... Pistons... (Can't you just hear Mason saying this in your head !?!?!?!) Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

My beautiful spirit

So, the guy from the bar left me a message and it was a little weird. He's a pretty big guy and he used to be a bouncer. He's into working out, told me he was a former professional fighter, and now he owns his own martial arts studio. Anyway, his message to me was, "hi... I'm glad we met the other night... I enjoyed talking with you... you seem to have a beautiful spirit... hope we can get together soon..." Beautiful spirit!?! Who says that!?!?! I was pretty much like, okay not calling you back. But, then I started thinking about it. If I totally blow him off, I am no better than the guys (yes, that is unfortunatly plural) that I've dated that have mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth.

I was debating if I should come out and say that I wasn't interested in seeing him, but I thought again, what do I have to lose? If nothing else, a good story is bound to come out of this. So, I called him back this afternoon. He was still a little weird during our conversation. Due to schedule conflicts, it doesn't look like we're going to be getting together anytime soon. He offered to cancel dinner plans with his dad later this week so we could go out, but I told him he should keep his plans. Oh yeah, it's his birthday that day. He offered for us to go out for his birthday dinner and then if I was up for it, meet up with his best friend and his girlfriend. I'm thinking, no.

Anyway, went to the gym this afternoon (yea for the office being closed). Pounded out three miles (10:30 pace). It wasn't bad, just boring. I didn't do my run outside because I wanted to focus on abs today, too. After my run, I did a series of exercises on the bosu ball. I will have great abs, I will have great abs...

Scale 1-10: 6 stabbing pains on the left.

So, all in all it's been a great day off! Oh, and I've been tracking my friend Katy who is running Boston today! I love how you can track runners while they're out on the course. I'm so excited for her and can't wait to hear all about it! Because, we all know that's about as close to the Boston Marathon as I'm gonna get! :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fun, single people this way...

Last night I went out with some old friends from high school. We meet at a Mexican resturant for drinks and to catch up with one another. While I truly enjoy kicking back with a drink and talking, I wanted to go out and have fun. When the place closed we were walking out and I had to bite my tongue not to say, "boring married people this way, fun single people this way." The two married couples were going home because the next day was Easter (it was 10 pm you know) and the four single people were heading up to A2 to go out dancing and drinking. In my observation, it's like as soon as a couple gets married their fun level takes a nose dive. Why is that?

While it wasn't a complete wild and crazy time, I enjoyed being out with my friends. Mouse joined us with some of her friends as well. Drinks, dancing to ghetto booty music, and Pizza House. That's a good night.

Went to bed around 4 am, so 9 am came pretty early. I figured it wasn't worth the fight to tell my mother I didn't want to go to church, so I got up and got ready. I was so tired.

Growing up, I've heard various sermons about the people who sit in church and completely look the part. Those "perfect" ones that go to church every week and are active in church activities, but are really only going through the motions. Although there are times you don't pay attention in church, or opt to do something instead of go to church occasionally, I truly never felt as through I was simply going through the motions. I always thought I had a strong faith, and I went to church pretty much every week because that was who I was, not because it was a chore or because I needed to keep up appearances. Sitting in church today, I saw things in a completely different light.

It's hard to explain what I was feeling, but I felt so far removed from the whole experience. Here, Easter is the most important day in a Christian's life and I felt... numb? Church, especially my home church, was a place where I always felt comfortable, welcomed and safe. Today, it was a big building where I was looking around and felt like I was an outsider looking in. In the past, listening to the Easter story was so exciting - every year. Although not vital to the true meaning of the day, I loved the lillies that decorated the alter, the hymns and, of course, Mr. W's brass choir. Today, I saw and heard these things, but it was as if I was in a fog and didn't really see or hear it.

I don't know how to explain it. I wouldn't say I'm mad at God. Sure, I'm pissed about what happend, but I think it's more confusion. I just don't understand. I always thought my faith was strong, but if I'm like this after one set back how strong was it really? Have I always just been going through the motions? While this may seem stupid, it really did cross my mind. My abdomen hurt so much during church (scale 1-10: 7 but it has been constant pretty much all day instead of a few stabbing seconds). I've been taught that God doesn't make bad things happen to us. He allows it to happen. I was thinking, "is this him punishing me for not turning to him during my time of need?" Then I started thinking, "Gee, if he wants me to turn to him he should make it hurt all the time unless I'm in church. That'll make me change my mind." Is that sick or what! :)

A few months ago, I bit the bullet and went to church. It was kinda like the whole working out thing, I felt like I was getting to the point of no return and thought I better do something. So I went. Sat there. Went home. Either I'm not ready to face it yet or I have a lot to overcome to get back on path. I think I know the answer. Tonight, I was trying to think about this and figure out what is going on with me and I couldn't. I have become so good at not thinking about it and shuting down my emotions, that I wasn't able to when I tried.

I think I am completely messed up. And, if anyone reads this, I'm sure they'll agree.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was wrong

Guy from the bar just called, and by the little beep on my phone, he left me a message. Too funny.

I'm never going out...

... on a weekday again. Ever. Thursday after work, some of the girls from the office invited me to go out with them. It was a beautiful spring day and the office was closed on Friday, so why not? I told them I had to workout first, but would meet up with them. It sounded like so much fun and I was definitely up for going out.

I went home and ran five miles (about a 10:00 pace). Usually I like to do an out and back, just in case, but being the adventurous one that I am, I did a four mile square (with a half mile out and back). Way to live on the edge. The run was okay, no thanks to the obnixous guys that feel the need to honk and catcall me while I'm running. Seriously.

Afer my run, I went home and got ready to meet up with my friends in B-ham and the RO. The reason for the night was to allow on of the girls to drown her sorrows. Guys suck. I ended up being the DD, which was fine. We had a good night of drinking (water) and dancing. I meet a guy at the last bar, but have no expectations of him calling.

After a late-night, greasy food run, I finally went to bed at 4:30 am. Only to wake up at 6:30 am because I had to go down to Monroe to get my taxes done. Stupid taxes. I was okay for most of the morning, but driving back to my apartment was awful. I thought for sure I was going to fall asleep at the wheel. I came home, put on my PJs and went to bed for a few hours. It was so beautiful out and I felt bad to be wasting it, but I was SO tired.

This morning I met with Joe and was completely worthless. Even though I slept most of yesterday, I wasn't with it. Still tired and couldn't focus very well. We did a lot of core with the bosu balls and arms. I told him I am never going out during the week again!

I'm going out tonight (hey, it's the weekend) with friends from high school. Not sure exactly what we're going to do yet because half of us are up for a wild night on the town and the other half are more about having a beer and going home early. Notheless, I'm glad I'm looking forward to going out. It's been a while since I haven't had to force myself to have fun!

Scale of 1-10: 6 - stabbing pains on the left.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just call me Blondie

Had a great workout tonight with Joe. We did a full body workout - went right down the row for circuit training. Legs, butt, back and arms. I'm definitely getting back into shape (aka I'm not dying after 30 minutes). Once I start really running again, I'm interested to see how much of a base I have now. They say your body bounces back pretty quickly, but I'm still not sure about that.

Scale 1-10: 8 right side and lef side stabbing pains throughout the day. Took two Alleve. Not sure why, they never work.

Tonight mouse and I had a beer (mmmmm... tasted SO good) and I started IMing some random person that she was chating with. I told him I was way hot and that I was 6 feet, blonde, blue eyes and big boobs. Too funny. Especially since I'm a 5 foot nothing Asian girl. :) It doesn't take much to amuse me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where are all the hot guys?

I'm not normally a morning person to say the least. In fact, I'm glad I have a 30-45 minute commute so I don't have to talk to anyone until I'm awake. Usually I drive to work with one of the local AM stations - I am a huge nerd, but they generally cover the auto industry which is important that I am on top of the latest news. Anyway, this morning it was already in the mid-50's and sunny. Traffic was a bit heavier than usual, but instead of being annoyed, I opened me sunroof, blasted some music and turned up the base. Although unusual, it was a good morning drive.

The day went well, one of my clients unveiled three new products today and all seemed to go well. There is always last minute changes that can stress a person out, but it went smoothly on my end. Haven't heard how it went in New York yet.

When I got to the gym today, Joe cancelled our session due to a family emergency. Hopefully everything is okay. However I wasn't devestated not to train with him today. Just wasn't in the mood. Ended up on the elipitical for an hour and doing abs. I thought there were some hot guys at my gym when I first went in to sign up. Either I'm not there when they are, or I was seriously mistaken...

Scale of 1-10: sharp pains in the mid-to-right 7

Monday, April 10, 2006

Opening Day!

Today was such a nice day - the sun was out and it was 60-degrees outside. Perfect for Tiger's Opening Day! Even though we lost, I'm sure everyone had a great time. It's been a long time since it's actually been nice for opening day. It's days like today that I miss working downtown. The atmosphere is always so great. I would have loved to have just walked around and gone to some of the bars. Who am I kidding? If I were downtown, I'd be chained to my desk...

Went to the gym today and ran 4 miles (10:45 pace). As soon as I jumped on the treadmill I wondered why I didn't go for a run outside since it was so nice. Oh well, at least I got my workout in. My abdomen was bothering me quite a bit today, I even took two Alleve to see if it would ease the pain a bit. During my run my left side had such sharp pains I had to stop. Since I was almost done I finished up, but slowed the pace down a bit. Still not sure if one is affecting the other. It's kinda that chicken and egg questions.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm such a headcase...

Due to the beautiful sunshine this morning, I opted to run outside instead of hitting the gym. I went five miles (approximately 10:30 pace) and for the entire time tried to keep my mind blank. I always took my runs as a time to think, reflect, etc., but right now I really don't want to reflect on life. Seriously, the things that run through my mind. I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy!

I still have the heavy feeling when I run, like I'm wearing a lead belt. Started getting stabbing pains on the left side towards the end of the run and they've been with me throughout the day. (Varies 5-7 on a scale of 1-10)

To distract me until I'm ready to think about stuff again, I bought an iPod Nano this weekend. It is SO cute!!!!!! But... my stupid computer won't recognize it and I can't download any songs to it. I'd take a picture of it, but again, my stupid computer would need to come into play. Or my stupid phone, which recently decided not to allow me to receive or send picture messages. I try to tech-savvy, but I just can't get anything to work for me. :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Great and Mighty Bosu Ball

Today's session with Joe was a good workout. We did a full body workout and I can tell I've come a ways in just two weeks.

After a ten minute warm up on the eliptical we started with a series of walking lunges around the track with the bar, followed by two one-minute laps. Whew, way to get the heart pumping. From there we did squats and lots and lots of core workouts with the bosu and medicine balsl. These exercises were relatively simple - if you have balance and core muscles... which I am seriously lacking. He's great about pushing me and he already knows how stuborn, I mean dedicated, I am. If I touched the ground, we started over. If I stopped, we started over. I'm definitely glad he's my trainer - no shortcuts here. I can already tell my core is feeling it. A long way to go, but I'm on the right path. I was getting pretty pissed during some of the exercises, simply because I couldn't do it. Seriously, how hard is it to sit on a ball and balance? For me, extremely hard. The amount of focusing I had to do was insane. Anyway, I think the bosu ball is going to be my new best friend.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Empty wine rack

Last night I went out with some friends (I finally got to meet Jen!) for dinner and a comedy club in Ann Arbor. Jen is doing Team in Training, and the benefis from the tickets went towards her training. Small crowd, but still a fun night. I do love comedy clubs.

Since I didn't workout yesterday, I bit the bullet and went to the gym tonight. Ugg... Friday is my day off. Anyway, for some unknown reason I decided it would be a good idea to do 1/2 mile repeats.

4 miles
1/2 mile - 10:30 pace
1/2 mile - 10:00 pace

Abs hurt a lot to day (30-20-10) but I've got to stick with it. (sigh) Bikini season is quickly approaching...

My abdomen hurt quite a bit today. Sharp pains on the left for most of the day (7 on a scale of 1-10) and a burning feeling across the incision late afternoon.

I was tempted to go to the store and buy a bottle of wine, (the wine rack here is nearly depleted and my roommate thinks it's a good idea to keep it that way for a little while so we don't overindulge to frequently. whatever.) but held off because I'm meeting with Joe tomorrow. I'm thinking it wouldn't be a good idea to be dehydrated during our workout tomorrow. (yes, because I was planning on drinking the whole bottle.) At least I'm starting to get into the training mindset, even if I'm not overly excited about doing it yet. :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Goodbye Katie

I'm a huge "Today" fan and have been wondering when all of the rumors would become reality. On this morning's show, Katie Couric announced that she is leaving the "Today" show to anchor the CBS Nightly News. When the rumors first started, I asked myself why she would go from the number one morning talk show to the number three nightly news show. Answer: She is the first female to anchor the nightly news (joining the ranks of the greats - Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings. Walter Cronkit was before my time and I wasn't a big Dan Rather fan). Well, that and CBS bettered her $15 million/year paycheck... I've always been an admirer of Couric, but I'm hesitant to see how this pans out. Best of luck to her though! (For a flip-side story on the perky media queen try the book "Spin Sisters." It's an interesting look into the high-powered women in media. And yes, I am a big nerd.)

Today I did 3 miles on the treadmill (11:30 pace) and light abs (30-20-10). Not very exciting, but it was enough for today. My abdomen hurt quite a bit today and I had the burning feeling across the incision for most of the day. That was the first time it lasted for more than a couple of seconds or minutes. It's hard to put a number on it though since it's such a different feeling. The massager was okay last night. It was too intense to put directly on my skin, so I had to do it over my clothing.

Oh, also in the news today: Eminem and his wife filed for divorce. Again. Who didn't see that coming?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The many uses of a vibrator

I went to the store today to pick up something and I noticed a mini Homedics, battery operated mini massager. It looks like a little space ship with three arms coming out of it. My PT wanted me to get something like that to run across my abdomen to get it used to different textures and sensations. Actually, she asked if I had a vibrator and I could use that if I wanted. Hmmm... I think I'll stick to my mini massager.

After college I started reading a wide variety of publications - after all, I am in the PR industry. I still don't like the magazines with headlines that read something to the affect of, "How to lose 20 pounds in 5 days without eating healthy or working out." I am a HUGE fan of "Women's Health" and ready every last letter in it. It's a perfect combination of women's health issues, working out, fashion that would relate to the more athletic woman, etc. Today my InStyle is waiting for me and I'm excited to see the new spring look. No, it's not Wired or Hour Detroit but I'm still learning. Plus, my career depends on it. :)

Today I worked out with Joe and we focused on arms. Talk about muscle exhaustion! We did all the usual machines, lots of push ups and dips. Uggg... I'm pretty much counting on not being able to do my hair tomorrow BECAUSE I WON'T BE ABLE TO LIFT MY ARMS THAT HIGH! Even though my arms were so weak at the end, at least my calf muscles were starting to loosen up. All I have to say is that I better be freaking ripped in six months!

My stomach hurt a lot today (base pain - 6) with the shooting, stabbing pains on the right side (7 on a scale of 1-10). It hurt during my workout too, but I pushed through. I don't know if that's the right thing to do, but I don't think any of my doctors could give me a definite answer. Plus, my PT said there were no restrictions. I took two Alleve this afternoon, knowing full well it wouldn't even take the edge off but hoped it would anyway. I know, I know, it just takes time and trying new things. Guess I better go see how the massager works...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Me and my heating pad

I'm sitting here watching the NCAA Championship game with my trusty heating pad. I'm cheering for UCLA but, sadly, Florida is going to take it.

Tonight we had happy hour after work. Although I would much rather sit at the bar and drink, I only stayed for a little bit and had a coffee and Bailey's. Even though it is April now, it's freezing out and it sounded so good! Having a few beers was tempting, but instead I was a good girl and left to go to the gym. Definitley not a fan of this "training mentality" yet. On one hand you have sitting on your ass, drinking. On the other hand you have sucking air, in a hot gym, feeling everything jiggle that really shouldn't be jiggling. Hmm... that's a hard one. Although I'm sure reducing my alcohol intake will probably help take care of that jiggle thing. Whatever. I did 4 miles on the treadmill (11:30 pace), abs (30-20-10 crunches) and lots of stretching. My calf muscles are so sore that it hurts just to stand.

Both sides had the stabbing pains today (6 on a scale of 1 to 10) and tonight I have that sharp prickling feeling too. My physical therapist was excited that I was working out again and she said there were no limitations. She thinks working out will help the circulation in my abdomen and that it'll help. I'm not sure if it will or not, but I hope she's right. After hearing so many things from so many doctors, I tend to not get overly excited about what they think will help. It sounds so pessimestic, but I just can't handle more disappointments.

Oh, my camera and computer finally decided to place nice. Here's a look at what a fan I am - aren't my lucky undies SO cute!

Deetroit Baasketball

This blog is going to be the cause of my lack of sleep. I am becoming obsessed about posting... Anyway, today was the last game in the mini package I bought this season. Detroit wasn't playing very well until the last quarter. And - this is a big accomplishment - today I actually paid attention to the whole game! My ADD usually kicks in around the third quarter. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday afternoon game instead of a weeknight. I wanted to insert a picture to show what a fan I am, but I can't seem to get my camera and computer to cooperate (my roommate is rolling her eyes right now and thinking she lives with an idiot).

The plan for today was to get up and go to the gym before the game, but I forgot about one little thing called Daylights Savings Time. When I woke up my clock said 7 am, so I went back to sleep. When I woke up again my clock said 8 am so I though I was right on schedule. Then I remembered I hadn't set my clocks ahead before I went to bed, so my schedule was all thrown off. After the game, I went to the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio, light abs and STRETCHED. My calf muscles hurt more than they ever have.

Before I go to bed I need to rant quickly on how inept MDOT is when it comes to road work. Yes, I realize I live in Michigan and for some reason that means I should be okay with the fact that the roads always seem to have orange barrels on it. Today we had to take an alternate route because part of I-696 is closed. Not a huge deal. Tonight on the news they were advising of all of the lane closures and how a major expressways is going to be down to one lane. Some of the alternate routes are also being worked on or the road already is completely congested without additional traffic. So... how am I supposed to get to work tomorrow without taking several hours to get there? Why is it that only in Michigan the roads are always being fixed, but still always suck!?!?!?!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Big "O"

Yep, that's right. I'm talking about orgasms today. My roommate and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate a huge milestone in her career - she's being published in an academic journal. Over the course of pizza and beer (only one beer... not sure if I'm ready for this training lifestyle again), we started talking about, what else, sex. A male friend of hers told her that if she's not having ten orgasms in one sexual encounter, then her partner isn't very good. Hmm... ten sure is a lot, so we chalked it up to him being a big BSer. After much discussion we decided we needed to conduct a survey:

Men - Is this man full of shit?
Women - Is this man full of shit?

Followed by: Women - Stay away from this man (insert picture here)

In true fashion, we called our air force friend to get his "expert opinion." His response was, "I haven't had a woman fake ten, let alone have ten." Classic.

On a completely unrelated note, my second session with my personal trainer was today. We did legs and man am I going to be sore tomorrow. Sore as in, can't walk. Started out with ten minutes on the treadmill. Went into squats, leg extensions and calf raises. From there we did stairs with a medicine ball. I was barely walking by the fifth one and almost fell down on one of them! And, right into calf raises again - and he added more weight. I just looked and him and laughed and he started laughing right back at me. He assured me that I have strong calf muscles, but I think he's seceretly trying to disable me.

Then it was time to suck air (aka cardio). Did five laps on the track - high knees, butt kicks, skipping, side shuffle (reminded me of my old basketball days) and jogging. I was absolutely ready to fall down. We finished off with some light ab work and, still my favorite, stretching. Next session is upper body, and I am so not strong. I am NOT looking forward to it, but I know I want those awesome arms that will come.

Uggg... we agreed that this part is the worst. He just wants to get past this part so we can start the actual training aspect of it. The cardio is killing me and as I'm "jogging" around the eleventh of a mile track the thought of running any distance whatsoever completely and utterly baffled me. I really cannot comprehend it right now, which makes me sad. It's like non-runners saying, "you ran 20-miles, I couldn't even run 1-mile." As runners, we know that they could in fact run one mile, it's just something that they don't understand. Starting again is going to be a painful process, both physically and mentally. I need to be patient. I need to understand that this takes time. I need to stop thinking that I what I went through wasn't that big of a deal. I always think I shouldn't complain because other people go through a lot more. It is something that I'll recover from, it wasn't life-threatening, people have surgery all the time. But, it was a major surgery and I still haven't recovered yet. I can't dwell on it, but I need to accept that it happened and that my life changed bacause of it.

To end on a humorous note, I just read an article about how a recent poll shows American's are swearing more. According to the poll, about 54% of men swear at least a few times a week compared to 39% of women. Also according to the poll, when it comes to the f-word, 32% of men admitted to using it a few times a week compared to 23% of women. Well, we know I fall into that 23%. Sunshine's motto over the past ten months: "What the fuck!?!" followed by "Fuck it!"