Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cardio workout - yuck!

So, I can run 5 miles but I am sucking air after a couple of wind sprints. That about sums up my training session yesterday. After a quick warm up we did:

3 sets:
Squat machine (12 reps)
Jumping on and off the step box (20 reps) - These blow!

3 sets:
Side to side on the bosu (60 seconds) - I've come to learn that I hate any and all exercises that have "side to side" in it
Lunges on the bosu (12 reps)

3 sets:
Leg lifts on the captin's chair (8 reps)*
Side to side with a medicine ball while balancing on a bosu ball (20 reps)
Passing the medicine ball from side to side, being back to back with Joe (20 reps)
Stairs (2 reps)

1 lap - jog
1/2 lap - sprint
1/2 - jog
1/2 lap - high knees
1/2 lap - butt kicks
1 lap jog
1 lap sprint
1 lap jog

It was an okay workout. It took me a little while to get into it, which is always a pain. It wouldn't be so much if it were just me, but I want to make sure I maximize my workouts with Joe. Looking back, it doesn't seem like that much of a workout. Oh well, guess everyone has an off day.

* So the leg lifts completely and totally freaked me out. I hadn't done anything so strenuous in nearly a year. It was such a mental thing. I finally got the nerve to do it and it was tough. He had to assist and we were only doing 8 reps. More than anything it scared the shit out of me. When I went to do the side to sides on the bosu ball (which I've been doing for a couple of weeks now), all of a sudden I had a flashback of being in the hospital bed. I'm not sure why. I haven't thought about that, well, really ever. It didn't feel anything like when I was in the hospital, but for some reason that image and feeling came flooding back. It was horrible and really shook me up. I thought I was doing better since I was working out, and beginning to enjoy it again. I took some major steps backwards yesterday though. Joe asked how I felt and I said it was more mental than anything. He's really encouraging and keeps telling me it'll take a little time. We'll keep working the core and soon I'll be doing more advanced stuff. Anyway, it was really bizarre and totally freaked me out.

Last night, mouse and I went out for a little while to hear a local band, the Killer Flamingo's, play. First, we had to stop in at The Post to say hello to a friend. Ugg, I just feel dirty walking in the door. Said hello, had one beer, in and out in 20 minutes. Perfect. Fifth Avenue was ruined by a poor barstaff and the swarms of annoying people that surrounded us. I think I had more fun dancing around our apartment while we were getting ready to go...

Anyway, T minus 6 1/2 hours until... DEEETROOOOIT BAAAASKETBALL!

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