Monday, April 03, 2006

Deetroit Baasketball

This blog is going to be the cause of my lack of sleep. I am becoming obsessed about posting... Anyway, today was the last game in the mini package I bought this season. Detroit wasn't playing very well until the last quarter. And - this is a big accomplishment - today I actually paid attention to the whole game! My ADD usually kicks in around the third quarter. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday afternoon game instead of a weeknight. I wanted to insert a picture to show what a fan I am, but I can't seem to get my camera and computer to cooperate (my roommate is rolling her eyes right now and thinking she lives with an idiot).

The plan for today was to get up and go to the gym before the game, but I forgot about one little thing called Daylights Savings Time. When I woke up my clock said 7 am, so I went back to sleep. When I woke up again my clock said 8 am so I though I was right on schedule. Then I remembered I hadn't set my clocks ahead before I went to bed, so my schedule was all thrown off. After the game, I went to the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio, light abs and STRETCHED. My calf muscles hurt more than they ever have.

Before I go to bed I need to rant quickly on how inept MDOT is when it comes to road work. Yes, I realize I live in Michigan and for some reason that means I should be okay with the fact that the roads always seem to have orange barrels on it. Today we had to take an alternate route because part of I-696 is closed. Not a huge deal. Tonight on the news they were advising of all of the lane closures and how a major expressways is going to be down to one lane. Some of the alternate routes are also being worked on or the road already is completely congested without additional traffic. So... how am I supposed to get to work tomorrow without taking several hours to get there? Why is it that only in Michigan the roads are always being fixed, but still always suck!?!?!?!

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