Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A day of highs and lows

Today was a roller-coaster day of highs and lows.

High: Got to sleep in a little this morning since I had PT and don't go into work until afterwards. It was sunny out and I liked the outfit I put together (it doesn't take much). Ate breakfast with my roommate.

High: My physical therapist had been on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks, so it had been a while. She was pleased with what I had done in her absence (working out again and the exercises she gave me to do). Reassured me that she thinks I am going to get better.
Low: She wants me to think about letting her do an exam. Exams hurt like hell, so I'm not too excited about it. Most women have one a year... I can't count how many I've had in the past year. Seriously. She wants to do it to figure out why exams hurt much more than they should. Hmmm.... not to sure about this. She was pretty agressive with my treatment today and I left not feeling so hot. It was hard to concentrate at work because it hurt so much. Scale 1-10: 7 across the incision. Very intense. Took an Alleve, didn't do anything.

High/Low: The office was freaking freezing... again. Although not as cold as yesterday. Read: my hands didn't turn purple today.

High: Went out to dinner after work with some friends.
Low: Didn't order a drink because I needed to run afterwards.
High: Did partake in the "Mile High Ice Cream Cake" - yum, yum, yum!

Funny: "beautiful spirit" guy called me as I was leaving Champs... being the second time he called me today. I told him I didn't think us getting together was going to work out since our schedules weren't meshing very well. I was proud of myself for not following in the footsteps of the guys in the world that have dicked me over.

Low: Went home to grab my stuff (it was too late and dark to run outside) and couldn't get my music downloaded to my (cute, little) iPod. Stupid technology. Got to the gym a little after 9 pm

High: Got in 3 miles (10:30 pace) before my abdomen hurt too much to continue. Caught myself thinking about which training plan I was going to do for Detroit. Caught myself thinking about how many more races I was going to get under my belt again before I start setting my sights on a tri. I think I'm back.

High: Got my iPod to work! I'm getting more tech-savy as we speak!

Low: Piston's lost tonight in the last regular season game. Seriously though, all of our starters didn't start tonight. Give them a rest because...
High: I have tickets for Round 1, Game 1. Deeetroit Baaaaasketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mouse said...

I bet breakfast with your (super cute) roommate was the best part of the day, huh? :)

btw. I was late for a meeting b/c of said breakfast... :o