Monday, April 24, 2006

Deeetroit Baaasketball!!!!!

Round 1: 1-0 Whoooo hooooo!!!!

We started out at B-dubs for potato wedges and cold beer ("It doesn't get any better than that.") For the first time all season, we got there in time for tip off which was awesome. Seriously, if you are a Detroit-er (and yes, the burbs count) there is nothing more exciting that hearing Mason's voice thundering through the Palace, feeling the heat from they pyrotechnics and watching the starting five huddle up!

We won the first game and was it freaking fun! I did not show my cute little boy shorts, Piston's underwear to those that sat next to us. Although I did offer... just kidding. Not enough alcohol in me to do that! (Mouse and I cheerfully joked with the males around us - who gave the correct answer to our "running around our apartment in our underwear story." These guys were definitly more interesting that others that we know... You know who you are.)

Basically the entire fourth quarter we stood up cheering, dancing and banging our thunder sticks together. Deeeeetroit Baaaasketball!

(Yes, Rock Financial is taking over the world...)

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