Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ugghh... dumb people

Today's list of little things that made me roll my eyes and wonder why people are dumb:

1. During the morning commute I was listening to a local radio station that is known for their "War of the Roses" scam. Basically, you can call in and the DJs help you find out if your significant other is cheating on you by calling them and posing as a flower company. For answering a two question survey, you can send a dozen free roses to anyone you want and, hopefully but usually it's not, you say the name of the person that called in. If you have to call a radio station, yes your significant other is cheating on you. The caller today wanted to know because she had been dating him for a few months and basically knew nothing about him. How the met: he called her number by mistake. They met because he called the wrong number. (and yes, he sent to the roses to someone else.)

2. The office was a comfortable temp today, but everyone still had to complain about how cold it was yesterday. Hello. It's comfortable today. Enjoy it. Quit complaining that you have to hide your (illegal) space heaters. It is a fire code. Oh, and a four foot space heater that could heat a house... seriously, why would you bring that to the office. How about the little box ones like everyone else?

3. Don't people know how to alphabetize? Did you not learn in grade school that when something starts with "the" you defer to the first letter of the next word? Seriously, "LA Times" does not come before "The Detroit News."

4. Yet another reason why Ohio people are the worst drivers ever. Driving 35 mph on a 45 mph road, in the middle lane, during rush hour, with a space of at least six car lengths in front of you, riding your breaks as you approach a green light.

5. A note to Canadians driving in Michigan - you don't need to stop for a blinking yellow light. It's not going to change red.

6. Guys are dumb (this is for my friend Julie)


Scale 1-10: 5 across the incision and on the two ends

Felt good running my five miles tonight (10:30 pace). I like having my (cute, little) iPod with me. Definitely makes the time go by quickly, especially on a treadmill. I do need to find a training plan soon, even though I won't be "officially" training for a while. I feel like I kinda need to pre-train so I'm ready to train. Weird, I know. Just want to see where my base is and do all that I can to build it up to a reasonable level. Not so sure I'll be going sub-four at Detroit, but I'd like to do a respectable time. Oh man, I think I may like running again...

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MplsJu said...

War of the Roses (and most morning radio shows) sucks big hairy balls! Glad you're updating more frequently!