Sunday, April 30, 2006

(Trying) to re-live the college life

This weekend I re-lived the college life... well, kinda. It's hard to go back after you've been for a few years. While I fondly remembered the good times of college, I'm pretty glad that I'm where I am now. Having an actual schedule, getting more than 4 hours of sleep, and not eating mac and cheese everyday is something I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up.

Thursday I went up to my alma mater to speak at a banquet. It was the end-of-the-year celebreation for the pre-professional group I was involved with and now a part of the professional group. And, our major's alumni association hosted a cocktail hour for the graduating seniors. While I know this is a party and that they are still in college, there wasn't as much "professional development" as there was, say, clevage. We five alumni stuck out like a sore thumb in our suits. The invitation said semi-formal dress, but we weren't going to follow that. One, because we drove up after working and two, because we thought it was kinda silly. When we were students, we used this banquet to invite alumni back that were successful in our field of choice. The keynote speakers were always encouraging and gave us a glimpse into the world that we were soon to be a part of. Yea... not so much. This year I learned who had the best shoes in the group and one of the year-end awards was an IOU to take a senior to one of the infamous clubs on campus. (and by infamous I mean drunk, half-dressed freshman girls and "cool" freshman guys that pop their collars) We kept saying that it was their banquet and they should do what they want. I must say though, I was a little disapointed that it had moved so far away from what we started.

Friday and Saturday my family traveled across the state to celebrate my brother's graduation. After his honor's college reception on Friday, we helped him pack up our parent's car with as much stuff as possible. His apartment is awesome (I lived in such a hole compared to him) but it was filled with a lot of stuff. I stayed with him that night, which was nice, but the smell of boy apartment wasn't so great. Ughh, that is something I don't miss. Crap everywhere, you have to check the glass that came out of the cupboard to make sure it's actually clean, as you peer into the shower you contemplate skipping the shower as you may be cleaner without it than if you get in, etc., etc.

Saturday's graduation was long, but what graduation isn't? You know you love your family and are really proud of them when you sit for four hours to hear their name announced as they walk across the stage in about 45 seconds. Congrats little brother!

This weekend really made me realize that I want to start my MBA. I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I'm ready to commit and do it. While it was fun visiting my school and hanging out with my brother and his roommates, I'm glad to continue moving forward with my life. So many people get caught up in "the best years of their life" which makes me sad for them. It was great, but there is so much more I have't done yet. Plus, I do enjoy my sleep!

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