Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Pencil me in"

I've been looking forward to this night for a while. Why? Because for the last month, all JP and I have been doing some whirlwind traveling. We flew out to Vegas on a Thursday, he flew back on the following Tuesday and I flew back on Thursday. That weekend was filled with birthday celebrations with his family, my family and our friends. He flew out to Lake Tahoe on Sunday and came back on Thursday. We left for Pittsburgh on Saturday, came back on Sunday. He flew out to LA on Monday, I was suppose to go to Chicago yesterday (not disappointed that I ended up not going), and he's flying back tomorrow. So, I've been looking forward to this night because tomorrow he will be home and neither of us are traveling for a few weeks. Whew. Makes me tired just looking at it.

We have dinner plans on Saturday night with some of my friends and some tentative plans with some of his friends. Not that I don't love getting together with friends (although my last post said I don't look forward to social engagements, I generally do. Sometimes it just get in a funk and don't feel like leaving my house.), but do you ever feel like you're constantly making appointments? My PDA is filled and everything has to be color coded: green means work, blue means personal. Okay, I'm a little geeky and super anal (hence the color coding)... Seriously though, why is it that we're constantly scheduling lunches, dinners, drinks, coffee, etc.? And, I actually had to decline two other invitations for Saturday night since we've had these dinner plans for a month now. Again, I fully enjoy spending time with good friends so it will be a good weekend.

As for running... tonight my stomach just hurt to much so I couldn't go. I really wanted to go running, but I knew I wouldn't last long if I did go. So, here's hoping that tomorrow brings a change and I'll be able to go. I miss being at the gym and need to figure out my race calendar for the year. JP and I looked into "Hike for Discovery." He doesn't run, I don't play soccer, so we thought this would be a good thing for us to do together. It's a wonderful opportunity to see some sights and to help raise money for cancer research. We wanted to do the Grand Canyon tour, but just don't have time to dedicate some more into fundraising. Hopefully another time it will work out!!!! So, I guess I should stick to running. :)


Unknown said...

Wow! Your traveling sounds SO much fun.

Jason The Running Man said...

Thanks for stopping by. That's an aggressive traveling calendar!:) Have a great Friday and enjoy the non travel time!:)