Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The best girlfriend ever

Mouse and I always (half) joke that we are really the best kind of women. We're cute and fun (duh), but like sports and beer. We're the best of both worlds. JP and I have been dating through the entire football season, and our Saturday's have generally consisted of watching football. On the way to meet up with some of his friends at the bar to watch the Michigan v. OSU game last weekend, our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Aren't you SO glad you have the coolest girlfriend ever? I mean, I get excited about watching football and drinking beer all afternoon."
JP: (smiling) "Yes, I do have the best girlfriend ever. All of my friends are jealous."
Me: "Jealous? Really? Why? Because I like football?"
JP: "No, because you like all sports."
Me: (laughing) "And I'll drink beer with you."
JP: "Yep. They really are jealous."

Hahahahaha - I'm the best girlfriend ever! (AND... mouse will be too. I mean, come on, we're like twins. Except she has red hair. And bakes a mean apple pie. And can put on an entire Thanksgiving meal. And, oh yeah, has bigger boobs than me.)

Mouse and I both have the day off today and we're getting ready for Thanksgiving. We're baking pumpkin and apple pies for our family. It's my first attempt, so we'll see how this goes. I think my dad is a bit concerned that the fate of dessert is in my hands.

Then, tonight we're celebrating the biggest bar night of the year. YAY! Funny stories soon to follow. Hope you all have a great holiday. Be safe tonight!


mouse said...

why is Dad K. concerned? doesn't he know i'm helping you? geez. no faith.

E-Speed said...

Hope you guys are enjoying the day off! I want to see you guys this week. Not sure if we will be in early enough to go to a bar tonight or not, but we should plan on getting together!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying the day off. I wish I was home baking, but my in-law did all of the baking. I am bringing the wine. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebecca said...

Hope you had a grea Thanksgiving!!!

Missed ya at the Turkey Trot!

Anonymous said...

How did the pie turn out? I made one and it wasn't good.

SRR said...

Wait a minute! Were you hinting at a 3-some? :-)