Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Only 20 shopping days left

And, I only have two gifts so far. People are so hard to shop for. I'm one of those people that has to find the perfect gift for each and every person on my list. As though that isn't hard enough, everyone just goes ahead and buys everything. Seriously. Whatever happened to waiting for Christmas so Santa could surprise you?

We went into Toy's R Us this weekend with JP's brother and his girlfriend. The boys were like two little kids who had just experienced Toy's R Us for the first time. They were pulling things off shelves, calling one another to come look at the G.I. Joe/Transformer/Lego set/etc. they had in their hand, putting gifts in the cart... for themselves. It was pretty funny. JP really wanted a G.I. Joe that was similar to the one he had as a little boy.

In my best "mom" voice I told him, "Okay. We can get the G.I. Joe if you are good while we're here. You have to hold my hand, no wandering away, no putting toys in the cart that aren't on our list, and you need to listen to me while we're here." He and his brother (now and architect) did end up getting some Lego sets, but otherwise they were pretty good. True to my word, I bought him a G.I. Joe.

After our shopping trip, we met up with his other brother and his girlfriend and we all had dinner together. The girls were all in the kitchen getting dinner ready and what were the boys doing? They were all sitting on the floor, putting together the fire truck Lego set. It was so cute, and pretty funny. After dinner, the first thing they did was pull out the remainder of the set to finish it. And then proceded to play with it. After all of this, JP looked at the box and noticed it said for ages 5-8. Great. I'm dating a 5-8 year old. :)

Well, I've procrastinated enough and need to get back to studying for the GMAT. Ugh. I. Hate. Math.


Rebecca said...


glad to see your still alive!

hows the back?

Anonymous said...

Boys and Legos, what is it with them. Geeez!

Anonymous said...

I always try to find "just the perfect present" for everyone too. I am exhausted when i am done! Luckily for my husband, we have a bunch of kids so he can always play with their toys and claim he's playing with the kids. I don't think guys ever grow up!

Anonymous said...

I've been done shopping since before Thanksgiving!

SRR said...

AGHHHH....Don't remind me. I hate crowds and the mall...thank god for the internet.