Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Any ideas!?!?!

So... I thought all of my Christmas shopping was done. Then, I realized I had one that I would like to get. You see, JP's dad decided instead of flying everyone down to Florida, he'll come up to Michigan. He's coming in on the 28th and leaving after the first of the year. It just dawned on me that a small, simple gift would not only be appropriate, but that I'd like to do it. (You know, bribe him a little bit into liking me.) Here's the problem: I have no freaking idea what to give him. Here's some examples of gifts that would normally be perfect, but won't be for this particular instance:

* A nice bottle of wine -- He can taste a sip of wine and tell you what flavors are in it, date and region of the vineyard.

* A CD of his favorite type of music (jazz) -- He was a professional musican and owned a radio station.

* A gift certificate to a favorite resturant -- He lives in another country.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Neese said...

a nifty wine bottle holder

iPod Shuffle (with Jazz tunes loaded)

one of those sqooshie nap pillows from Brookstone

dark chocolate covered almonds & a nice bottle of wine

Unknown said...

The bottle of wine. Or even a nice bottle of his favorite booze like brandy, whiskey, etc.

Rebecca said...

wow...no ideas there....

this may be lame but perhaps buy a star for him, or plant a tree....

also, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

When your feeling better, we should meet up for a run! Hopefully, the weather will continue to be as lovely as it is now...:;knock on wood::

Anonymous said...

Does he read? You could buy him a book.

E-Speed said...

Not sure how official you and JP are yet but a framed photo of teh two of you, perhaps engraved, would be nice!