Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Runners Legs

Yesterday after work all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap. BUT, I took my butt to the gym instead. When I walked in, one of the trainers called me over. His client was a no-show and since he was getting paid anyway, he said he may as well kick my butt for an hour instead of sit around. Sweet! He's a pretty good trainer and has been trying to recruit me since my previous trainer left. Unfortunately, when I came back out his client showed up. Bummer!

I thought I'd try out the bike since I've been toying with the idea of doing a tri for about two years now. Holy cow! My legs are not cycling legs! After 20 minutes on the spinning bike, I couldn't go on. I was sweating like mad and, had someone been next me, I definitely would have been the smelly girl on the bike! I'll tell you, in just 20 minutes my butt hurt. Those little seats are really not comfortable at all. If/when I start tri's, my first purchase is going to be one of those gel seats!

Trying to mix things up a bit to keep me interested in workout out, I decided to hit the Precor machine. (After trying to walk to it normally. I can totally see how that is a dificult transition.) Usually a "manual mode" girl (hmm... that doesn't sound right...), I opted for the programed glut workout. It was a good workout and I swear my butt's a little smaller already. :)

I decided to suck it up and go to my appointment today. Still a little reluctant to go and I'm not sure what to expect at all, but I'm sure it'll be interesting.


David said...

2 truths of bicycle seats:
It honestly does get better, as long as you use the seat(s) correctly shaped for your body.


Wider and more cushy does not equal comfort, especially for longer rides. The big fluffy seats may be okay for a 3 mile ride in the park, but they create hot spots on long rides, and can get extremely uncomfortable to the extent of horrible chafeing.

Oh, and the cycling legs will come. I promise! Good for you in giving it a whirl, though.

Unknown said...

Cute cartoon!

Radioactive Tori said...

I love that you are thinking about a tri! You would do awesome!

I am contemplating a marathon, so it would be funny if we swapped things.

Mendy said...

I am in training for a tri, and I tell ya' if I can train for one - anyone can. I say, Go for it!! I'm actually in a triathlon clinic that helps first time noobs with it.