Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Supportin' "The Girls"

For a while, I've been in dire need of new sports bras. After reading an article in the latest Women's Health and watching the "bounce-o-meter" video... it convinced me to finally go to the store and find a much better bra!
This is the newest add to my running apparel collection (although I got mine in black) and I'm super excited. It's a whole new fit and feels SO comfortable!! I'm tempted to break all the race rules and not try it out on a long run and wear it during my half... If I bodyglide up, it should be okay... right...?
It cost a bit more, so I'm considering it an "investment" piece. If you're in need of a new bra check out this awesome Women's Health article!
Got in a good 3-ish mile run outside yesterday. It was super windy and I'm really hoping it won't be that way on Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed.
Today, I had to go to the gym because I had a hair appointment tonight. I was already to go except... I forgot my shoes. Oops. In the spirit of saving the environment, I opted not to drive home and drive back to the gym. Since it was dark, I decided to do a cardio workout at home. Not quite a run, but hey, I'm tapering. :)

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