Sunday, August 10, 2008

IT Guru

Being one of the least tech-savy person in the world, I am pretty proud of myself for updating the layout of my blog. Granted, Blogger makes it pretty idiot-proof, but nonetheless, I changed the look (a tad) all by myself. I can't figure out how to stretch the photo in the title box, so any help would be appreciated.

The weekend was pretty low-key. Saturday - sat at home. Sunday - sat at home. This morning, JP and I went out to lunch and then we went back to his house to get him packed up to hit the road again. Poor guy -- he left again this afternoon and will be out of town for the week. If you're keeping track, that means I was out of town for two weeks in a row and he'll be out of town for two weeks in a row. Some people envy us for getting the opportunity to travel for work so much. Granted, it has taken us to some cool (and not so cool) places, but we'd both rather sleep in our own beds and eat a home cooked meal any day.

I am getting a little stir-crazy sitting at home so much, but getting out is so tiresome and such a hassle.

Going to watch a little more Olympic coverage and head to bed. Mmmm mmmm -- I do love men's swimming. Abs everywhere.


Jess said...

I had the same issue with the photo in my title box. I couldn't ever figure it out, so sorry, I'm no help there!

David said...

Good job on the blog! You may have to use a photo editor to stretch the photo, but you may want to check with the king of blog manipulation, Bob (Blog my Runs).

I'm sure you are about to go nuts with the mobility issues. You'll be back up and around in no time, though. Hang in there!

Almost Vegetarian said...

Naw - go'wan and be smug. Managing to get anything to work seamlessly online means you deserve a gold star. And chocolate!

So go ahead and be pleased. You deserve it.


teacherwoman said...

The blog looks nice! I too enjoy watching those boys in the pool... mmm! :)