Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Holy sore muscles!

Ahhhh. That's how I felt after my workout last night. It felt so good to be in the gym, sweat pouring off of me and just feeling my muscles being pushed to the limit. You all know... it's like going home.

My foot has been okay, but I'm still very hesitant to run. I had a lot of energy (some of it negative) to get out of my system, so I turned up the iPod to some crazy, loud workout music and jumped on the eliptical. About 45-minutes later, my mind was ready to crank out some more miles, but my foot... well, not so much. It was starting to get sore and, like I said, I'm ultra-sensative to it right now.

Jumped off, stretched really well and headed to the weights. Holy crap! My legs were trembling like crazy, but it was the good, tired feeling. Stretched some more and headed home.

Spent the rest of the night job searching. YUCK! Hopefully something will come up before my April deadline.

My body is sore today, but I'm looking forward to another kick-butt workout and our push up/sit up challenges tonight.


Unknown said...

sounds like the good kind of sore muscles. make sure to give them some recovery time before you do it again. Good stuff!!

teacherwoman said...

That sweaty feeling is DE-LISH!