Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Blahs

I'm in that end-of-winter, spring is right around the corner, but not quite funk. Blah!

It was a long weekend since I had Friday off, and I'd like to say I accomplished a bunch of stuff, worked out like a madwoman and feel totally rejuvenated. Instead, I feel blah and looking forward to the weekend so I can do all the stuff I didn't do this weekend.

On a good note, JP is totally in the "get healthier" mindset and I love it. He still needs to have surgery on his ankle, so a lot of activities are off the counter. But, he's rededicated himself to doing as much as he can and eating better. So happy that he's doing it. I push as much as I can, but that's something you really have to make your own decision about. So...

1. He's doing fruit every morning for breakfast. (Small step. He's not a breakfast person. Hope to get him to a little protein mixed in soon.)

2. We've rededicated ourselves to do the 100 push-up challenge and the 200 sit-up challenge. It helps when we can do it together. Once the weather gets nice, I have a feeling we'll be on the mountain bikes a lot. Can't wait!

3. Reducing food intake. We're working on portion control and trying to do more lean proteins and veggies. I have more control on content since I'm the cook in the relationship, but he's in the drivers seat when it comes to how much he eats. He was always skinny skinny, no matter how much he ate. His metabolism is changing a bit and since he's not as active as before, it's starting to show a little.

4. After dinner, we try to run errands or something so we MOVE and help our food digest. It's cold out, so after-dinner walks aren't an option. But, doing a quick Meijer run to cross off our to-do list gets us MOVING.

5. Reducing soda intake. I put the clamp down on a lot of his pop intake since we started dating. He down to 1 can a day now and is working to not have one everyday. And, he is making a conscious decision to drink more water. Everyday.

6. Lunch. His office used to be bad about going out for lunch everyday. A few months ago, in an effort to eat healthier and save money, I convinced him to take his lunch to work. More work for me, since I'm the lunch packer in the relationship, but well worth it.

These are just small steps, but I'm so proud of him for being proactive about it. Can't wait until it gets warmer so we can be outside!

I was a lazy bum this weekend, so I'm anxious to head to the gym tonight for a solid workout!


teacherwoman said...

I had a lazy weekend too. I haven't been to the gym since wednesday morning! LOL

Unknown said...

I kind of feel that way about my weekend (but for different reasons that are too hard to explain).

Unknown said...

I agree that simple changes make the difference when trying to bring positive dietary benefits.