Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Wood

Not sure what my problem has been the last two mornings, but I have been in a complete haze. Yesterday I missed my exit and was late for PT. This morning I was a good 5-6 miles past my exit before I even realized I had passed I-75. I intended to get to work early this morning, but my scatterbrained ways added an extra 30 minutes. I am such an airhead at times.

It is so nice to enjoy work again. I was so miserable for awhile. It's amazing how one person can tear down so many. Today at luch I went for a walk in a nearby sub with some of my co-workers. Hmmm, taking a lunch - what a concept. I had stuff to do, but I have to learn to relax and that it is okay to get away from my desk for 30 minutes. As we were walking, a landscaping truck pulled up next to us. The middle-aged man leaned out and goes, "Are any of you ladies interested in some free woodchips?" We politely and cheerfully say, "no thanks" and keep on walking. As soon as he pulled away we looked at each other and exclaimed what a jackass he was. Count on KT to make the grade school joke of, "no thanks, I've got free wood at home." It must have been becaused we looked so hot in our office clothes and tennis shoes... seriously, I swore I would NEVER do that. At least we didn't have skirts on with our tennis shoes!

I packed my gym bag this morning and actually made it to the gym tonight. However, when I got into the locker room I realized I had forgotten a sports bra. I hate being a girl sometimes. So, I had to walk right back out like an idiot. I'm proud to say that I went home, changed and went over to the clubhouse for an hour cardio session. It was slow, but I did 30 mintues on the treadmill (12:30 pace) and 30 minutes on the bike. Afterwards, I stretched out since I was getting pretty sore from yesterday's torture.

Well, tomorrow is a new day and I'm actually looking forward to it. If that's not progress I don't know what is.

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