Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life is Good

First of all, GO TIGERS! It was a great sports weekend - Tiger's game, Michigan/Michigan State game, Wings.

Did my last 20-miler of the training plan on Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day, and the colors were beautiful around the lake. I had a great run, although faster than it should have been (9:09 pace). Oh well, guess I'll just have to make my desired race pace faster... :)

Mile 1 - 9:40
Mile 2 - 9:22
Mile 3 - 9:14
Mile 4 - 8:53
Mile 5-7 - 27:15
Mile 8 - 9:01
Mile 9 - 8:49
Mile 10 - 8:44
Mile 11 - 8:47
Mile 12-14 - 27:11
Mile 15 - 9:40
Mile 16 - 9:05
Mile 17 - 9:23
Mile 18 - 9:28
Mile 19 - 9:31
Mile 20 - 9:20

It felt good, but I wish I had one more month to train. My times are fine, bu I just don't feel strong enough yet. I've just missed so many runs because of my stupid abdomen. And, it's been really bad the last two weeks - I'm actually looking forward to those procedures. Any relief, even temporary, is going to be a welcome change.

Sunday, it was still a beautiful fall day. JP and I went down to my parent's house to pick apples from the orchard and get some veggies out of the garden. It was the perfect day to do it. After being loaded up with bags and bags of food, we thought we had better start using it right away.

We got a head of cabbage, because he thought cabbage rolls sounded good. Now, I like to cook but not necessarily very good at it. So far, I've made pasta for him. If you can't boil water and put in noodles, I don't know what to tell you. But, cabbage rolls!?!?! We made them last night (his with meat, mine with veggie crumbles), and they actually turned out quite well! I was so proud of us! We were eating out too much for my liking, and he eats out way too much, so I told him we need to start cooking more. He told me I was spoiling him too early in our relationship, and now I was going to be stuck cooking all the time. :)

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm blogging at 8am on a Tuesday. Well, today is the 4th annual mother/daughter shopping trip. Every fall, in the middle of the week, my mom and I take a day trip to Frankenmuth to go shopping and just spend time together. I am SO excited. She's going to be here pretty soon, so I better get going. Yay! A whole day of shopping!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome splits on your run. I'm envious! I wish I was that speedy.

Enjoy your shopping trip. What fun!

Radioactive Tori said...

Shopping sounds like fun! Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

hey! that sounds like fun!!!

btw, i went to Kathy P last week. I really like the Salon. It was one of those weird getting to know you fazes. Ill definately be checking her out again!

How cool is it that she runs too?!

So glad to see your training is going well. I cant believe there are only a few 2 weeks left!?

Unknown said...

WAY TO GO! The splits are awesome. JP is starting to sound sweeter and sweeter. You have a sure catch there.

The shopping sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the taper!

Anonymous said...

You're probably stronger than you think - you will rock the race.

Hope you had a great shopping trip - I miss those days with my mom.

E-Speed said...

You are going to rock Detroit! Can't wait to cheer you guys on!

Unknown said...

How are you doing with the pre-race plans? Good luck!