Monday, October 30, 2006

A brisk, morning run...

Well, at least that's what I kept telling myself. Mouse and I were pretty excited and were ready to run. JP came over at a totally ungodly time and drove us downtown. (After he sent a text message saying he was coming over... an hour early. Hon, I told you to set your clock back an hour.)

On our way down, we heard the best song on the radio, "I'm too sexy." Since mouse had on her hot pink, leopard print skirt on we, of course, changed it to, "I'm too sexy for my skirt." Ah yes, nothing like getting ready for a race by singing bad 80's music. Traffic was getting a little congested downtown, so we jumped out of the car and JP went to park. After finding Mo, we sadly had to strip down and check our gear bag. "Brisk morning run, brisk morning run." It was very cold and windy, but honestly, it wasn't as fridged as I had mentally prepared myself for. I opted for shorts and a long sleeve, gloves and a head band to keep my ears warm. It was pretty much perfect most of the race.

The first half was so much fun. Mouse, Mo and I all ran together and were having a great time. The bridge to Canada wasn't that bad. Again, I had mentally prepared myself for The Great Wall of China, so this wasn't too horrible. And, I'm happy to report that small people were not blown off of the bridge. The underwater mile (the tunnel back to the US) was fun, but not quite what it was hyped up to be. I guess we get a certificate with our underwater mile split - mine was 8:17.

Throughout the first half, we were hitting our pace right on (well, at least the miles where the mile markers made sense. There was no way one split was 6:31). Mouse yelled out, "we're right on. Aren't you glad I'm so excited about you hitting your goal time." I told her that it didn't even matter because I was having fun. That was the important part. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this race, if I would race again, or if I would even finish. So, the fact that it was fun was a victory in itself. (sorry, I'm a little cheesy and have been pretty emotional the last couple of days.)

After the half, we seperated and I went on ahead. The wind sucked ass. Getting onto Belle Isle was absolutely crazy. Most of Belle Isle was abolutely crazy. Getting off of Belle Isle, at mile 20, I started to think I would conserve more energy and go just as fast if I walked. Right as I had made up my mind to walk, the wind was blocked and I could continue on my way. The last six miles were so windy, and we weren't going in the same direction the whole time so it baffled me. At one point, somewhere between mile 24 and 25, it actually stopped me mid-stride. At this point I was on pace for sub 4:00, but I was really starting not to care. Ah yes, the mental battle. Right before mile 25, I looked at my watch and knew it would be close. I knew I wanted it, so I dug down and found some energy in my big toe. My last mile I was totally zoned and feeling good. Right before we got to Ford Field, the spectators made a gauntlet and were cheering like crazy. It was SO cool. Right before I ran into the Ford Field tunnel, JP and my parents were cheering me on to the end. Crossing the finish line - what a feeling. I looked down at my watched and I was 4:00 and some odd seconds. So, I had either just made or just missed sub 4:00 hrs, but it didn't mater. I got really emotional when I finished and the woman who wrapped my mylar blanket around me asked if I was okay. She had no idea. I finished a marathon and had a PR by around 3 minutes. Oh, and I was fucking tired. :)

My splits aren't exactly right and the mile markers weren't exactly right, but here's about where I came in:

It won't add up correctly, but chip time was... 4:00.48 (pace 9:12). No, I didn't go sub 4:00 but I'm blaming it on the wind... :) Seriously, I thought I'd be really hard on myself if I didn't finish under 4:00, but I still PR'd and honestly the wind was a big factor. And, I've decided that I don't hate running. I was seriously thinking I didn't like it anymore. I finised 71/266 in my age group and 1468 overall. Guess I'll have to run another one to go sub 4:00. :)

Thanks to everyone for you support through my training and the well wishes for yesterday's race. I'll continue to run and workout, but I need to focus on getting better. I have a nerve block procedure scheduled for Nov. 9 and I'm ready to do it. It's been pretty bad lately, so I'm anxious for some temporary relief.There hasn't been a day in over a year where I wasn't in pain. I think I'm read for a break. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

P.S. Walking out of Ford Field is pretty rough. Those stadium stairs up to get out weren't the best thing ever, but again, not what I had mentally prepared myself for so it didn't seem like complete torture.


E-Speed said...

You rocked it girl! Close enough to sub 4 for me! And in those horrible conditions! Woo Hoo!

I hope the nerve block gives you some permanent relief. You've earned it!

duenneschen said...

I knew you could do it!!!!

That is so awesome!! There were so many posts out on the web today about people recounting their experience yesterday.

I'm so jealous but also so happy for you!!! I cant wait to hear about your next adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome achievement! Congrats on your PR. It sounds like you had a great race and loved the part on the bridge! Enjoy your recovery.

Firefly's Running said...

Sunshine, you ran awesome...and a PR too. You were SO close to getting sub-4:00. You will do it. I hope the injection goes well. You've earned and totally deserve it.

mouse said...


freak freak.

that's the sound of me dancing in our foyer.

runnergirl said...

Awesome job. Congrats on the PR.

I hope the nerve blog goes well and gives you some much needed relief!

radioactive girl said...

I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you chose to do the race! I hope you get some pain relief soon because you deserve it!

Running by.... said...

I think your race report is the most enthusiastic sounding one I have ever read. It's so nice to read that you had a great time almost the entire time (except for the wind).