Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ready to run the mean streets of Detroit!

Stupid Blogger. It must know I haven't been active in a while. I just wrote this nice blog about my race tomorrow and now it's gone. Stupid Blogger.

My clothes are laid out, my bag is almost packed, I feel like a lard ass from all the pasta I've been eating and I am practically living in the bathroom from all the water I drink (well, that last part isn't anything new). Yep, I'm tapering and tomorrow is the Detroit Marathon.

Yesterday, I was scared nervous. This evening, I'm excited nervous. What scares me is that I can't remember how it feels to run a marathon. I've done two before, and both times were great (unless I've blocked out the bad memories). But, not knowing is what scares me. Well, that and the fear that I'm going to blow off the bridge to Canada. It's suppose to be quite windy, so the bridge, along the river in Windsor and Belle Isle should be interesting.

Since we're crosing the border, there are extra measures that had to be taken prior to the race. One is if anyone has radiation in their body, they needed to be scanned by Border Patrol at the packet pick-up. Since I've had an MRI in the past year, I had to be checked. So, I walk up to an officer and say, "I've had an MRI in the past year. I hear you have to scan me or something." He looked at me and said, "You must be okay because I'm not going off." Umm.... okaaay... It all made sense when he pulled out a little beeper looking thing and said that I wasn't triggering his alarm. Oh. That's what he meant. ;) So, I don't have to wear a little bracelet to signal to the armed guards at the border that I'm not smuggling harmful substances into their country.

So, my goal time is sub 4:00. My bib is 546. I need to finish packing my bag before heading to bed. Thankfully we gain an extra hour tonight - something I think my friends and family that are coming are more excited about than I am. Thanks to everyone for their support through my training. It's been so encouraging and more helpful than you know.

To anyone running this weekend -- GOOD LUCK! Kick Ass!!!
To anyone who had a race recently -- GREAT JOB!


Cryst@l said...

Good luck! You'll be great!

Firefly's Running said...

You are going to ROCK! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck I'm cheering for you.

duenneschen said...


good luck!! i know you'll beat 4 hrs!!!

radioactive girl said...

I can't wait to read how you did, and how much fun you had! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

E-Speed said...

hope the race went well for you despite the wind!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your report :o)