Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy, happy - as I would say when I was about 3 years old. My parents always had parties and, at midnight, everyone was toasting each other and giving kisses to everyone. Apparently, I wanted in on the action too and walked around saying, "happy, happy' with outstretched arms so people would pick me up and kiss me, too.

Yesterday, we started off the day with a fabulous brunch in Birmingham. There, I received a very generous gift from his dad, as all the girlfriends did. From there, as tradition for the family, the girls went shopping (which was the purpose of my gift) and they men went to do their thing. We ran around Sommerset for a few hours and I didn't find a single thing to wear for our New Years Even dinner. I hadn't really thought about what I was wearing until the mall closed and I still had nothing. Not that I don't have a million things in my closet, but it's always nice to have something new.

I managed to pull something together and we had dinner with his family, as is their tradition, at Andiamo's in the RO. It was a lovely, several course meal. Complete with a champagne toast at midnight. Although I can't drink (which has really sucked with his dad in town, because he orders some really good wine at every meal), I snitched some wine with my dinner and fully enjoyed my champagne (yum! my absolute favorite). Started to feel a little sick, but no spinning rooms like the last time I thought it would be a good idea to mix alcohol and meds...

In Haiti, today is their Independence Day. It is a big day there and everyone has a huge meal with their family. Think our Thanksgiving. So tonight is another big meal. Back to the gym... ?


SRR said...

Wait a minute! WHo says it's not a good idea to mix meds and alcohol?

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, sunshine! Be careful with the meds and alcohol. Sounded like a very wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

So I just randomly stumbled on your blog today and thought I'd leave a comment. It seems you and I have a few things in common (though my attempts to get in shape via running are going worse than yours because I hate it). Nothing more stressful than meeting the parents for the first time - sounds like you're doing great!

Rebecca said...


Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and New Year!!

Lemme know if you and your buddies ever wanna go for a leisurely weekend run..