Thursday, April 19, 2007

My newest addiction

Hello. My name is Sunshine and I am addicted to the Nintendo Wii.

A few weeks ago, we were at JP's brother's to celebrate his birthday. He had been wanting us to come over to check out his newest toy, and this was our first chance. It was getting late and I really just wanted to go home. Besides, I'm not into video games at all. Enter the Wii.

He showed us how to work the controls and set us up for a game that is very similar to the old-school "Duck Hunt." It was so freaking fun! We played well past my bedtime and I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. Sadly, I'll admit, I was sore the next day. I can really see how kids that sit around and play the traditional video games all day are beginning to lose weight by playing with the Wii. It can be quite a workout.

Over the Easter weekend, their brother who recently moved to Chicago came home. Everyone came over to JP's on Saturday and his other brother brought the Wii. Typically, I am against sitting around and playing video games when you can talk and catch up. This is an exception. This is a system that anyone cane play and the games are family-friendly. Everyone from his 9-year-old nephew to his older sisters played. And, we had such a good time.

So, that's my newest addiction. If I could find one on the store shelves, I think I'd buy it.

Well, need to get back to work. Oh, I snagged a fortune cookie from the kitchen and my fortune today is:

"The future holds great things for you."

Maybe I'll find a Wii... :)


Unknown said...

I still don't understand the powers of the Wii, but I have to convince someone to get one someday.

Radioactive Tori said...

I suppose I should look into getting it because my daughter could sit and play video games all day if I would let her. At least this would be an active way to do it. I hate video games, but maybe it would be fun?