Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"You're so vain..."

Okay, so this will probably sound a little vain. Oh well.

As I was leaving work yesterday I was wrestling with the idea of going to the gym and/or going for a run outside since it was so beautiful. I was exhausted and the idea of even walking to my car was strenuous. While going down the elevator, I had a beautiful view of Belle Isle. It looked so different from that COLD AND WINDY day in October. (Ugh. All I could think of was coming back off the bridge, hitting mile 20 and then being nearly knocked over by the wind. What a day for a race.) Instead, it looked calm, beautiful and seemed so inviting.

That, combined with the awful feeling of my butt jiggling faster than my legs while running, made up my mind. I did decide to go to the gym versus an outside run. Not sure why, but at least I was doing it. I jumped on the treadmill and set it for 11 min/mile pace. Slow, yes, but there is no reason to kill myself when I'm just trying to get back into shape.

Half way through, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Hm. Both my legs and my arms looked pretty good. Granted, I'm not in training mode, but there were definitely lines of definition. Sweet! That was the little ego boost I needed. Feeling preety good about myself, I bumped up the speed to my normal speed for the rest of my run.Vain? Yes. Do I care? No. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up once in awhile and this was mine. After not working out for several months, my body didn't turn into complete mush. :) It's the little things in life, ya know. :)

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Unknown said...

Nice pace on the treadmill. Great way to start.