Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Slowly, but surely

So, I keep telling myself that I am a runner and that means I should, well, run. I'm not sure if I'm burned out, out of my routine so I'm feeling a bit lazy or if my health is affecting me a little more than usual. Or a combo of the three.

Anyway, I did a hill workout yesterday. Felt okay (although huffing a little more than usual) but didn't get that great runners high. I'm trying to "shock" my body a little bit to get it into gear and I'm still playing with the idea of a doing a tri, so I did a few miles on the bike. Ugh. My legs felt like dead weight! Cooled down, abs and arms, and then a good long stretching session. Slowly but surely. I'm not going to force myself into running. It should be fun and something I love to do, not a chore.

After the workout, I did some grocery shopping and went home to make dinner. Seriously, we're like an old married couple. The typical routine is I come home, make dinner, JP comes home, we eat, HE DOES THE DISHES, we work a little bit more and/or watch a movie or something, get ready for the next day. Repeat. Honestly though, I love that we're in a routine and in this stage of our relationship. To me, it means that our lives are becoming intergrated into each others. It's a good feeling. :) (Okay, I'm still in the goofy grin phase...)


Jason The Running Man said...

Keep working hard! Your doing great! I know what you mean about thr routine thing, my wife and I were just saying how old we were going to bed at 9pm! :)

Unknown said...

I love that stage. It's my favorite one.