Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Make it a great day"

A friend of mine always has, "You have reached... I am unable to receive your call... leave your name and number... thanks and make it a great day" on on her voicemail (work and cell) and I think it's such a good reminder to slow down and realize you are in control of your emotions and determining how your day will go. (Yes, I am expecting to start anytime now so I'm all emotional and scarfing down sweets.)

Yesterday, after work, I headed to the gym as planned. I jumped on the treadmill and about 10 minutes into the run, my abdomen started hurting. Hurting like stabbing knives hurting. I thought perhaps it was the impact and that the eliptical would be okay. (See, I'm bound and determined to get back into it!) It hurt and after about 10 minutes, I couldn't take it any longer. I got off and headed to the locker room. URGH!

JP was working late and had to take some co-workers who were in town out to dinner. Ate a little bit (wasn't very hungry) and started getting ready for our weekend trip. We're going down to Tennessee for a wedding. I've suddenly found myself taking over all of the responsibilities my mom always did when we took a trip. Making cookies, laundry so I can pack, making lists of things everyone so no one forgets anything... :)

Anyway, I was in a bad mood after the whole gym thing and I was still in pain, so I went to bed early. Looking forward to a better one today.

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Unknown said...

I love your determination, Sunshine. Keep it up. You can do it!