Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Hot Red Heels

You know how there are certain things that just put an extra bounce in your step? A pair of pants that make your butt look extra good, a bag that everyone admires, a freshly done manicure. Mine is a pair of red heels. I LOVE these shoes and they just make my day a little better. Yesterday was a bad day - it seemed like everything I touched broke - so today I put on my "everything in life is great" shoes.

And, to make it just a little bit better, I'm using the new handbag I bought a month or so ago but just haven't used yet. Normally I use it immediately, but for some reason I saved this one. Guess it was for a day like today. I'm not entirely materalistic, but it's these little things that make me happy sometimes.

Heading to the gym today after work and then to the bar to watch the game. Good luck boys!

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Unknown said...

I love the power of great shoes.