Friday, May 04, 2007

"I'm leaving on a jet plane..."

Well, not me. But everyone else I know seems to be leaving. Just today JP's brother and his girlfriend are leaving for Hawaii, his cousin is leaving for New York and two of his sisters are leaving for the Caribbean. And, a friend left for Paris a couple of days ago. And I'm in the office. At 6:30 in the freaking morning.

Dinner went well last night. I made turkey breast with a cream sauce, seafood (shrimp)/veggie shish kabobs and rice. Since I don't eat meat (well, except for seafood) we eat fish 1-2 times a week. Everything came out nice and it was just a good, low-key night. I love hanging out with his family and it's been nice getting to know his cousin.

Lots of pain yesterday, so the gym was out of the question. Hopefully today I'll be able to make it, or at least take a walk outside. Today isn't starting out too well, but I have the whole day for the pain level to go down. Positive thinking. The mind is a powerful thing

Round 2 Game 1... I might be there tomorrow. We're going to try to get tickets to see my boys take on Chicago. I haven't been to Piston v. Bulls game since Big Ben left. Should be exciting!

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!

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Have fun this weekend!