Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Almost forgot...

Good luck Spurs! (Isn't he hot!) At dinner Saturday night, one of the guys at our table just moved to the RO from Cleveland. We had a great time making fun of LeBron. (okay, even though we lost to him - note: "him" not "the Cavs" - we can still make fun of LeBron.)
Again, isn't Tony Parker hot!?!?!

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Mendy said...

Hey! I see that from below, you are picking up golf. I've played in the past (Captain's choice/best ball), but haven't been on the course in quite sometime, until yesterday. I went to play with 3 other ladies for a Charity golf tournament. I'm TERRIBLE, but definately wouldn't mind going every now and then to play. I really enjoyed it. I'll keep an eye on how you're doing with it. I could sure use some tips, especially if I'm gonna buy some clubs.