Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perfect Saturday Night

I went for a nice, easy run this evening. I know, shocking isn't it! About 20 minutes into it, I started to feel it a little bit. About 30 mintues into it, I really noticed how not in shape I am. Ended up going for about 50 mintues, and actually enjoyed it. With no pressure, I think running will become enjoyable again. I even went as crazy as thinking that I should do a couple of 5k races this summer yet. I know come fall I'm really going to wish I would've trained for a marathon but there's always next year.

JP's out with the boys tonight and I thought about making it a girls night at the bar but decided against it. Sitting at home watching TV and drinking a glass of wine just sounded good to me. Not a wild and crazy Saturday night, but it sure sounded perfect... :)


Mendy said...

Ahhh... tv, wine, alone. Sounds nice!!! I remember those nights and even on a sat night.

Since quiting my marathon training, I haven't ran at all. I was hurting during my runs (leg pain), and that made it less and less enjoyable. I hope to go for a run soon and actually enjoy it (hopefully with the time off of running, my leg will feel better).

Sounds like a good run and a nice evening for you!

Jessica said...

Watching tv and drinking a beverage at the same sounds good. I find this really relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. I like to run on the track sometimes with other people. It's good excercise and fun too. Only if the weather is nice enough to.

Good for You!