Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear, Aquarius

Aquarius - October 14, 2008

Your boat is likely to be rocked today, dear Aquarius, to the point where you and all of your belongings could go overboard. Be prepared to swim for shore. Grounding and stability are the keys to maintaining a healthy headspace, especially when it comes to your ever-fluctuating emotions. Issues regarding the home and people's possessions are likely to surface in a dramatic manner. Listen to your heart for the answers. (MSN.com)

I don't believe in horoscopes, and mostly just look at them when I'm having a bad day and need a little entertainment. But, geez. They sure seem to be right-on at times. Of course, they're always written in such a way that it could seem to be written just for you, for a variety of reasons.

I've been way emotional today, totally in my head and it's just been an all around bad day. And, I'm anticipating a "dramatic" conversation tonight at home... Ironic, huh?

Maybe tomorrow my horoscope will tell me fame, fortune and stunning good looks are around the corner -- oh wait, I already have all of that. :)

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Jess said...

I think horoscopes and fortune-telling seems "right" soemtimes because we read or hear what we want from it. Still, if it provides some sense of comfort or entertainment, what's the harm?