Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding #7 ... check

Well, I'm proud to say I continued my quest to get back into shape this weekend.

Saturday morning, I got out of bed, had a small breakfast and headed to the gym. I didn't have a lot of time because wedding #7 was at 1 pm and it was about an hour away. I did 2.5 miles on the track (can I say again how much I LOVE my lap counter) in approx. 9:10 pace. The first 2 miles were awesome, the last half... not so much. It was tough, but I kept pushing myself to just finish it. Building the foundation back is never easy. I didn't have time for extra cardio or lifting, but I figured getting in my run could count as a success.

Wedding #7 was beautiful. The reception looked like a Winter Wonderland and was complete with a martini bar, ice cream station, soft pretzels for the late night snack, and photo booth. The photo booth was the most fun! It took a series of four pictures and you got to keep one and the other copy went into a scrapbook for the new couple. As the night progressed, I'm sure the photos become more and more, eh, creative. The bride and groom also surprised us all with a very fun first dance. They started with the traditional love song, which quickly broke into a choreographed old-school montage. It was a fun night and JP is happy that we don't have anymore weddings to go to this year.

Sunday was cold (about 30-degrees), but sunny. So, I made the most of it and headed outside for a "long run" of 3 miles. It felt great to be outside, my legs were responding well and my foot was able to take the mileage. I opted to go without my iPod (I desperately need to upload some new songs), and it was really nice to just think and enjoy the scenery.

The gym bag is in the car and I'm ready for another great workout tonight!


Jess said...

Good grief, seven weddings in one year! I would be WORN out!

Unknown said...

Do you have *any* friends or relatives left that aren't married? Seven in one year seems like you should be good for a long time. LOL

Good job on your run.

Rebecca said...

are you doing the turkey trot this year?

i've taken time off from running as well but definately plan on getting back into it next year, full force.

David said...

What number are you going to be? LOL

That sounds like a cool reception. I've often wondered if we would have liked to do some unique theme at ours, instead of traditional. Well, we did do the chicken dance...

Neese said...

that's alota weddins'!
hope your workouts continue to go well!