Sunday, December 02, 2007

Doesn't anyone want to interview me?

Yes, sometimes celebrities have things appear in print that they would like to keep private, or things that really shouldn't interest others (like getting coffee, fueling your vehicle, etc.). Why aren't they interested in things that normal people incounter? For instance, Mary-Kate Olsen reportedly was in the hospital last week for ... wait for it... a kidney infection. I scrolled though the entire article, but no where did they mention that I was in the hospital for a kidney infection as well. Hey, maybe it's the newest trend... I'm a Hollywood trend setter! :)

Here's the article:

Anyway, today was a belated Thanksgiving for my family. Since my parents went to my brother's in Kansas for Thanksgiving and I was sick anyway and we didn't go to JP's family for dinner, we thought we'd declare today our Thanksgiving. Thankfully the roads weren't too bad from the storm we got last night. My mom made a feast and invited family and friends to celebrate. She had quite a houseful (there were 12 of us!), and we had a good time.

My parents were so thankful that JP took such good care of me while they were out of town (sick daughter on one hand, son they never see and hasn't been with family for Thanksgiving for a couple of years on the other other hand -- tough decision), my mom thought the least she could do was cook for him.

Back to work tomorrow. It'll be a little weird since I haven't been there for 2 weeks, but I'm sure it'll feel like I never left... Since I'm sure I'm going to be beat after work tomorrow, I'm not planning on hitting the gym, but I'm planning on getting back there on Tuesday. I have a 5k on my schedule for February, so I better get myself into some sort of physical readiness.

Hope eveyone has a happy Monday!

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Mendy said...

It's good to see you posting regularly now! Love it.

That picture of the Olsen twins is weird. Their eyes are huge in it. Don't get me wrong, I think they are pretty girls, but that's just a bad picture.

The Thanksgiving meal sounds lovely, no matter when it was celebrated. To you and your family, it was Thanksgiving and that's all that matters.