Saturday, December 01, 2007

Go! Fire Up Chips!

Go! Fire Up Chips! Today my alma mater -- Central Michigan University -- won its second MAC championship! I was hoping to go to the game (they were playing on Ford Field in downtown Detroit), but with the whole hospital visit thing, I didn't get a chance to buy tickets.

When I was there, our football team wasn't very good. Over the years, we've gotten better and better, which always makes Homecoming more fun... I was there in spirit though, wearing my school sweatshirt today. :)

Today, I braved the mall to get my mom a belated birthday present. In addition to getting some great stuff from The Body Shop for her (I LOVE that place! Plus, it's enviornmentally freindly.), I scored some sweet jeans from The Limeted for $15. Yes, $15!!!! I almost bought two pairs. They fit perfectly and I even found a "short" size.

And... I picked up two more Christmas gifts. That makes my count thus far to four gifts. It's only December 1. Sadly, I admit that I've been one of those crazys running around on Christmas Eve day still trying to find that "perfect gift." Yay me. :)

Well, better get going. JP is on his way over and I have a fun dinner planned. We're under a winter strom advisory, so we're planning on camping out inside tonight. I made a bunch of picnic foods -- french bread, an assortment of yummy cheeses, meatballs (for him), grapes, rasberries and melted chocolate, etc. Unfortunately, no wine since I'm still on antibiotics, but I thought it would be fun and something a little different.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your evening! Stay safe!

Mendy said...

Man - I need to take a trip to the Limited. Crazy!!

I'm so not ready for Christmas to be here and can't believe it's already the beginning of Dec, either. Crazy!

Hope you enjoy your indoor picnic. Sounds like a very cool idea.