Friday, December 07, 2007

This week's excuses

Here are my many reasons for not getting back to the gym this week, as I thought I would...

Tuesday's excuse
It was day 2 back in the office and I was so freaking tired. I went home, ate dinner and was in bed and asleep by 9:30 p.m. I didn't even stay up to watchc the VS fashion show on TV... :) I don't think JP noticed though, as his "wife" Adriana Lima apparently opened the show. Scantily clad, beautiful women... yeah, I'm sure it's easy to forget about your girlfriend! :)

Wednesday's excuse
We had dinner with one of my old college roommates and her boyfriend. My friend moved to the same town about a year ago and we get together occassionally. We definitely need to get together more often, and we had a great time! Our boyfriends are very similar and get along great (which is always very helpful), so hopefully we'll see more of each other.

Thursday's excuse
I had a dentist appointment (one tiny cavity and my wisdom teeth are coming in and I need to have them removed -- yuck!). It was a new dentist for me, and I LOVE him! A co-worker referred him to me and he's a great guy. He even gives his patients his home number so if you have a dental emergency at 1 a.m., you can call him. My appointment wasn't until 7 p.m., and JP worked late last night. We ended up heading home around the same time and meet up at Olive Garden for dinner. I hate when we're the couple that eats out/gets take-out in the middle of the week. My mom is a total Betty Crocker and we always had homemade dinners at 6 p.m. everynight. Whenever I'm super tired and I end up making JP hot dogs or something, I cry to him that I feel like I'm going to be the bad mom with obese children! Guess I can't help that we both work long hours and sometimes that's just the way it goes. I try to plan our dinners so we can have healthy, homecooked meals everynight, but I need to work on it!

Friday's excuse
To early to tell....

TGIF!!!! Hope everyone has a great day and kick-off to the weekend!

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