Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't anger the travel gods

On Sunday, JP left for his company off-site in Lake Tahoe. He just got there this afternoon. Poor guy, he's convinced the travel gods don't want him there!

His plane was delayed in Detroit, so they (he's traveling with a bunch of guys from his office) automatically missed the connecting flight in LA to Reno. They can't get another flight until 5 p.m. The weather wasn't that great, and the wind was brutal. He said at one point, the wind took the plane and when he looked out the window he was looking at the ground. Now, he travels a lot, so when he says he was scared, I know it was bad.

They finally arrived in Reno and rented an SUV to drive the rest of the way to Lake Tahoe. Suddently they had to turn around because the road simply disappeared. They missed an avalanche by approximately 1 minute. They turned around to head back to Reno and just missed a second avalanche. Not able to be on the roads, they called it a day and stayed in Reno.

This morning, they attempted again to head to Lake Tahoe. And, again, they had to turn around. The SUV was too light and couldn't make it through the snow. They went back to Reno to purchase some chains for the tires. He was amazed at how much snow there wasy -- the most he's ever seen in his life! I read online today that the area got about 3 feet of snow yesterday.

Finally, this afternoon they made it. Okay, the excitedment should be over, right? Nope. Halfway through a business meeting the ground starts to shake. All of the Calif.-based guys' cell phone start to beep. Why? Because they get earthquake alerts on their phones like we get Detroit Piston's updated scores. There was a brief, 3.5 quake.

Everyone is safe so it's okay for me to say, this is kinda funny. I mean, come on, that much on one trip? Needless to say he can't wait to get home!

Anyway... back to my normal life. I had a cross-training day today - 45 minutes on the ellipitcal and a few laps to loosen up/cool down on the track. Lots of stretching and some push-ups/crunches yet before bed. I have a lot of work to do before I'm back to my old self, but I'm trying not to get frustrated. On the bright side, it's suppose to be warming up this week so hopefully the 5k won't be too bitter cold! Keep your fingers crossed!

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Mendy said...

OMG! Seriously, sounds like a movie to me. Wow, poor guy! I'm glad it all worked out though.