Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Perfect Week

It's been busy since I last got a chance to (okay, the last time I willingly sat down on my laptop if I didn't have to) blog. The Detroit Auto Show was my life after getting back from Vegas. It all went well and the pre-party event was a blast! JP has pictures on his camera, so I'll have to post those later. Rock stars, famous designers, sweet cars, open bar... sometimes going to work isn't too bad... :)

This week, I only worked one day and fully enjoyed the time off. I didn't even think about work! Not looking forward to reality tomorrow morning. Here's some highlights of the week:

Monday -- Off for MLK Day. These are my initials, so I always joke that this is my special day. Relaxed around the house and did some laundry, tidied up, went to the gym (that 5k is creeping up quickly) and made dinner for JP who wasn't as fortunate as others and had to work.

Tuesday -- My birthday! I did go into the office, but wasn't very motivated. Had lunch with co-workers and left early. Hey, this really is my day. JP and I went to a nice, romantic dinner. My gift 1 of 2 was the Nike/Ipod thing so I can become a high-tech runner. I always thought it was cool, but my geek gadget boyfriend has been dying to get this for me. It's super cool, I just need to get a holder for it since I'm not a fan of Nike running shoes. I tried it out one day at the gym, but I'm afraid to lose it. It worked great and I'm super excited about it. More bragging about it to come!

p.s. Gift 2 of 2? A diamond necklace ... I just picked out which one I want, so it is on the way. I figured this way my birthday celebration gets extended. :)

Wednesday -- Slept in, went to the gym, took a nap, went out for drinks and dinner with a college roommate. Shouldn't everyday be like this?

Thursday -- Had a doctor's appointment and then my mom and I went shopping. Two thumbs up for post-Christmas sales. I always loved that my birthday fell about a month after Christmas. I always got so much more stuff because my mom could get it all for super-cheap.

Friday -- Went to the gym, took a nap, had a birthday dinner with JP's family. Cheers to my new found favorite (although I was working like a dog in Vegas, I did find time to experiment with some new cocktails) -- pomagranate martini's.

Saturday -- Absolutely nothing. Isn't that what Saturday's are for?

Sunday -- Took JP to the airport, went to the gym, went shopping. I "need" a dress for JP's brother's wedding and couldn't find anything today. Bought some truffles at a new candy store in the mall, totally negating the work I did at the gym earlier.

All in all, it was a great week. Nothing special, but it was perfect for me nd something I really needed before my head exploded. My Christmas tree is still up but I'm not feeling the motivation to take it down yet. I'm just proud of myself for getting some laundry in the machine.

Hope everyone had a great weekend -- enjoy the last few hours!

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Mendy said...

I know these comments are late. so sorry.

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great week, with a couple of awesome gifts!!! Much deserved, I'm sure.