Monday, March 31, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Saturday was my last long run before the half. Yikes! The scheduled 8 mile run was okay, but I was a little disappointed afterwards. It just didn't feel the way I would have liked it to feel -- I felt like I was working harder than I should be at this point.

Mile 1: 10:21
Mile 2: 10:28
Mile 3: 10:35
Mile 4: 10:28
Mile 5: 13:24 -- Seriously, was I walking or what!?!?!
Mile 6: 9:24 -- Got mad at myself and picked it up a bit...
Mile 7: 9:47
Mile 8: 10:03

I kept reminding myself that my goal is to be consistent. I'd like for the consistent splits to be faster, but can't focus on that. But, when I saw a 13 minute mile, I about dropped. I don't think I've ever done such a slow mile! Oh well, this is suppose to be fun.

Saturday afternoon was the wedding shower and that night was the bachelorette party. It was interesting... not as well planned as I would prefer (keeping in mind I'm super anal and annoyingly organized). As long as the bride-to-be was happy, that's all that matters. We went bar hoping downtown Detroit, and had a sweet limo to cart us around. I will say, that I was the only one that got hit on by the bachlor party that was at the same spot ... and got invited to join their bash. :) Still got it... :)

Sunday was a recovery day - since when does it take me a whole day to recover!?! Geez! I used to be the one that bounced out of bed the next morning ready for breakfast. This time, I got up, took some Alleve and rolled back over.

Looking forward to tonight's workout -- time to stretch my legs out a bit and get them ready for Sunday!!!!

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Ashley said...

Sorry, you'll have to find your own foodies ;) JK... but, I highly recommend: when planning a training trip, invite people who know how to prepare gourmet meals! Hilarious that my mom and I were building a fire while Brian & Matt cooked it up. Btw, thanks for the comment!