Monday, March 03, 2008

New Week... New Attitude...

This morning it actually feels like spring. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's a whopping 50-degress out! Hello spring!

This is my attempt to have a better attitude.

Last week I was pretty grumpy and irritable. Not sure why, I just was. And, my run on Saturday didn't help matters much.

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to the metro park for my scheduled 6-mile run. As I was running the first few, I was trying to figure out in my head if I wanted to alter my long run schedule since the plan I'm following doesn't really have a taper to it. Not sure how comfortable I am doing a 12 mile run the weekend before my half. Anyway, a couple of miles into it, I had to go to the bathroom. Now, since my surgery I absolutly cannot hold my bladder. (TMI?) If I hold it, it hurts. Tremendously. Pain, like I have to lay down because I can't move. There are some facilities around the 4 mile mark of the 8 mile loop. Okay, I gotta run that far. It was a combo of run/walk, but everytime I walked due to the pain, I remembered that I would get there quicker if I ran. FINALLY got there and... the darn door was locked. Grr... now what? I was trying to decide if I should continue down the loop to see if the next facilities were open (about 2 miles away) or if I should turn back and try some off the trail a bit. Really, either way, I was exactly half way through the loop and couldn't get to my car for 4 more miles.

I opted to turn around and try the off-trail facilities. Hopefully they were open because having my bare butt out in the open to squat wasn't really an option in the 20-degree weather. Apparently the running gods were looking down on me because about 1-mile later there was an outhouse facility. It was as if the heavens opened and the angels choir was singing. Whew! (I won't go into how my imagination was running away with me and I was certain that a snake was going to jump up and bite me on the ass...) :)

So I ended up logging 8+ miles with splits ranging from 9 min/miles to 11 min/miles. Not a great run, but thank goodness I got through it. Felt like crap (mostly mental) afterwards and was just ready to go home and call it a day.

Yesterday I went to the gym for some cross-training and some serious core work. Yep. Sore again this morning. I was still grumpy afterwards through but my mood lightened as the day went on.

So, I hearby pledge that this week I will have a good 'tude, kick-butt workouts and enjoy every gosh darn minute of it! :)

Oh, and thanks for all the nutrition advice!


Mendy said...

I hate that! When I need to go pee and can't find anything around. Great job on that run!

Love the "new attitude" post, as well. I need one of those...

Unknown said...

Awesome job on your run!!