Friday, February 29, 2008

More protein questions

Thanks for all the protein advice! I normally am very good about it, but just really slipped the other day. I am hesitant to try (again) the Cliff bars because I had a baaaad experience one time. I have a pretty sensitive stomach and it didn't settle well. I'm thinking about possibly trying it again since I was in the grocery store last night and it has way more protein than my usual Luna (9 grams) or Pria bars (8 grams). But then it begs the question, is more better? I'm good about eating a healthy diet, but I'm very bad about knowing how much, when, and with what other types of foods. I mean, dietians go to school for this stuff. Is 20 grams of protein better than 8 grams of protein for a pre-workout snack? I always do a protein shake or chocolate milk with some protein powder added after my workout (and within 30 minutes) but after talking it over with my old trainer who used to train Olymic athletes. So confusing!!! Help!

Yesterday was an unusual day at the office (that's for a whole different posting), but my diet was more normal:

Breakfast: yogurt with some granola, banana with organic PB and some green tea
Morning snack: handful of almonds
Lunch: Potbelly's -- yum! Half veggie and half tuna sandwich. And a yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I LOVE their cookies!
Mid-afternoon snack: Oops... missed it due to the craziness of the day
Pre-workout snack: oatmeal
Post-workout snack: chocolate milk with a shot of protein powder

Last night I had a great workout -- 3 mile run and a leg workout filled with weighted lunges, squats and some machine work. My body was so sore from this week's workouts, so some serious stretching was heaven afterwards.

TGIF!!!! (Although it's snowing like crazy... again)


Mendy said...

I'm so not on the up and up on protein or anything related to nutrition especially when it concerns pre-workout meals. I guess I know what works for me.

Great job on the run and the leg workouts. I love how leg workouts make me feel strong.

Unknown said...

I am glad that your workout was much better.

David said...

Carbs are the optimum fuel before a workout. Protein will help smooth out the sugar spike, lengthening the carb benefit. A bar with 42-45 grams of carbs and ~10 grams of protein like a regular Clif should be great as a pre-exercise fuel, or mid exercise (on a long bike ride, for example) meal. If the whole bar is a bit much for you, spread out eating it over about 30-40 minutes, finishing it about 15 minutes prior to exercise at the soonest. For post exercise, 20-30 grams of protein is good, consumed at moderate pace, to help rebuild muscle. Any more than 30 grams, and it does no good other than for a hearty game of dutch oven (gross!)