Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Protein? What protein?

So, I say I'm back into training mode. Well... apparently not quite.

Today was a scheduled 40-minute tempo run. Started out fine, but about midway I felt like complete crap. At first I thought it was because I've been working out pretty hard and my body was just tired. But... I feel really, really crappy. Hmmm.... For some reason, I started to think back through the day and what I ate (or didn't).

Breakfast: oatmeal, banana and yogurt
Lunch: had a lunch meeting and lunch was ordered in. I had two little (like appetizer size) veggie roll-ups (spinach wrap, a little bit of hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber), fruit and a cookie
Pre-workout snack: noodles and a piece of bread (found some yummy garlic Italian bread -- crusty on the outside and soft in the inside) -- I know, not the best pre-workout snack but I ran home first and was looking for something to grab quickly.

Hmmm... lack of protein anyone? Definitely not what I normally eat! Usually when I'm training I'm very dedicated on my meals. Even if I have lunch meetings, dinner out, happy hour, etc. I'm pretty good about sticking to a "training" diet. And, lots of time I'll make sure I have appropriate snacks to supplement just in case. Not this time. The part that bothers me -- I never even thought about it ahead of time. Thus, I felt like CRAP during my workout.

I left the gym feeling very disappointed, like I totally wasted a workout and kicking myself for not eating appropriately. Lunch meeting tomorrow, too, but guess what? Not making that same mistake!


Mendy said...

I so get that. I'm, however, bad about planning my meals with what type of workout I'll be doing. I need to be more diligent. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Ashley said...

Hey - thanks for the comment! Work-outs are so tough after work... especially if it's been a stressful day at the office. I experience this all the time: going from work to the gym and dragging my a$$ around. Might I suggest something w/ caffeine (toward the end of your workday – or on the way to your workout): I love Clif Shot Blocs (black cherry - w/ caffeine) or NUUN Kona Cola tablets for your water. Both have just enough caffeine to get you going - but, not too much to keep you awake the rest of the night. Let me know if it helps!

David said...

Crazy how improper nutrition can sneak up on us and totally derail a promising training session. I guess it happens to all of us when we lose focus. Thank goodness I have some emergency fuel around for a quick jolt (Clif bars usually).

Mendy said...

Thanks for the compliment, Sunshine! ie, busy schedules.

The question comes up for David and I a lot. In fact, it came up this week at our Church group get-together and even this morning about fitting fitness into our schedules. We said "we make it work". If it means working out at lunch, in the AM (which I've had yet to do this season, but will), or David and I just taking turns to get it in - we will. It does get hard for us and some things do get behind. Right now, our projects that need to get complete have dropped in priority here lately, but we will be working on them this weekend.

But, I say all that - so you ought to see our house and our laundrey pile. It's all about priorities and obviously, we put a lot before cleaning up our home. That has to change soon, though.

Thanks for the compliment!

Gotta Run..... said...

Amazing what a balance eating and training have to do with reaching your daily goals. Keep at it!!

How is your Ab Test coming along. Mine is not so great. not seeing any results yet :(

Unknown said...

I agree with Ashley that Shot Blox with caffeine. Plus an easy way to get your protein in by making smoothies and eating hard boiled eggs.

Good luck!