Friday, February 08, 2008

mmmm.... cheeeese....

Last night I was totally PMS-ing and was CRAVING cheese sticks. It was late, so running out to get a snack wasn't really an option. I'm surprised I didn't dream about fried cheese; that's how much I wanted it!

I was suppose to have an appointment this afternoon, but it got cancelled on my way there. Since I was almost home, I opted to work the rest of the day from home. Somehow, my car just steered itself to the grocery store and a box of frozen cheese sticks jumped into my shopping basket. Awful for you (I won't even say how many grams of fat were in one serving), but tasted damn good.

Working the rest of the afternoon and then to the gym for a run (hmm... how many miles will I have to run to work off 9 cheese sticks...? Why there were 9 in the box is beyond me.)

Yesterday I ran outside and nearly broke my neck on the ice. It felt good to be out there and I'm really looking forward to a good run tonight.


miss petite america said...

i heart cheese. fried cheese, even better! the things i have done to sate PMS cravings is horrifying.

Radioactive Tori said...

I made cheese sticks the other day when my parents were here but I deep fried them instead of baking them. Yum is the only word for how they were!