Friday, February 15, 2008

I love vacation days!

After working an insane amount the past few months, I had a couple of v2007 acations days that I needed to use this month. Today was the lucky day I got to sleep in ... a little bit.

I slept in a bit this morning, but had to get ready for my girl doctor appointment. Oh how I dread the girl doctor annual. I assure you, laying spread eagle in a cold room isn't my idea of the perfect day off. However, it's important and I'm glad to say it's over for yet another year. Hopefully 2008 will be the year I don't become a lab speciman again and have more doctors than I can count fooling around down there. Wait... that didn't sound right. What I meant was.... Oh hell -- here's to a healthy and as-pain-free-as-possible year!

After all the fun, I went to the gym for an easy 3 mile run. Friday is usually my rest day, but since I missed a few runs due to weather this week I thought I'd better get my butt in there. My splits were:

Mile 1: 9:11
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3: 9:35

Ouch -- miss those negative split days. They'll be back... just gotta stick to my training plan. Seven miles scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm so excited!

Oh, I got some beautiful flowers from JP yesterday. Forgot to take a picture to post. He had them on the table when I got to his house, loaded down with groceries to make a nice dinner for two. After some yummy crab legs, mashed potatoes and sweet corn, we settled down to watch Lipstick Jungle. What a great guy :)

Seeing more houses tomorrow and hopefully dinner with friends. Looking forward to a great weekend. Stay warm on those long runs everyone (and if you live somewhere warm, send it this way!).


Neese said...

i hear you about those appointments, mine is in March... has to be done but not the most glamorous position to be in is it?

sounds like a scrumptious valentine's dinner...mmm

and excellent splits there, hey when they are all in the 9's that would be enough for me, negative schmegative!


Mendy said...

Crap. you reminded me I need to schedule my girly-girl appt. It's horrible.

Sounds like a great V-day you and JP had!!!

Great job on the run too!