Friday, February 22, 2008


I tore up the repeat workout yesterday. 7 x 400 -- wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. And, since the track is 1/11 of a mile, I actually did a little bit more than a quarter mile.

My dumb watch isn't working properly, so I can only recall two of the seven times:

Set 1: 2:04:66
Set 2: 2:01:45

If my memory serves me correctly, I was pretty consistent with my times. It was suppose to be my 5k pace, but this is a bit faster. Oh well... it felt good and I'm all about letting myself go and just run. This way I can push myself and see what I can really do.

Easy 3 miles tonight and an 8 mile run on Saturday. I'm starting to feel stronger, which is such a great feeling. And... thank goodness it's Friday!!!

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Mendy said...

That's awesome about getting on the track for repeats. I really need to get back out there and do 400's (at the very least). Those are great times.

I'm so happy you have got your workout/running groove back and feeling good about it.

Enjoy your weekend! YES, TGIF!