Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Are you kidding me??

Before I begin my rant, let me put a disclaimer that I'm majorly PMS-ing.

Okay. That said...

I left work a little early tonight and was super excited that I was going to get home early enough to run outside. It was (notice, I said was) warm earlier today -- low 40-degrees -- and I got a taste of running the roads this past weekend. (It's now raining/snowing and a big slushy mess outside now, just 5 hours later). On the way home, one of my clients called and needed something. No problem. I'll get home, check my email quickly and then get out for my run.

Sounds good in theory. My dumb wireless wasn't working and I couldn't get online. Grrrr... by the time it kicked in it was completely dark outside and I was pissed.

I changed my clothes and drove to the gym. I was really worked up and took it out on the treadmill. I turned up my iPod, banged out 4 miles and didn't really calm down until about 3.5 miles in. Also got in some good arm and core work. I think part of the reason why it took me so long to get it all out, was that I was completely surrounded by idiots. (I promise I'm a nice person and only think these bitchy thoughts on occasion!)

Idiot #1. Girl "walking" on the treadmill next to me. Get. Off. The. Cell. Phone. I don't care if the girl on the other side is skinner than you. If she insists you are, don't argue. Oh, and by the way. I think I walk faster through my house than you were working out at the gym.

Idiot #2. Old guy that jumps on a treadmill with an incline of about 45-degrees. There's a button that allows you to level it out a bit. It was pretty funny though. I thought at any second his feet were going to jump out behind him and he'd look like Superman as he was hanging onto the handle.

Idiot #3. Girl whose workout clothes pretty much look like what I wear to bed. A little tank (without a bra) that looks like a camisole and short, tight boy shorts that look like my underwear. Both were black and made of some shiny material. Seriously. What were you thinking. And no bra... at all... while you're running... Are you kidding me? (She probably should have been #1, but I'm doing in order of stupid incounter.)

Idiot #4. Guy doing kung-fu kicks around the track. Stop it. You're not even doing it right.

Idiot #5. Person behind me... when the machine makes a loud, clanking noise that I can hear over my music.... GET OFF THE MACHINE. It obviously isn't working correctly and the noise is annoying to the rest of us trying to work out our frustrations.

Okay. Those were just the highlights. Seriously, one of the above would have been bad enough, but all of them combined? Way too much for me to handle tonight. My frustration is gone now, and I'm just glad I got a good workout in. Watching more coverage on Super Tuesday and then I'm ready for bed. Can't wait to see what's in the gym tomorrow. :)

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Crissy Rae said...

Hi there, just came across your blog today. Your day in the gym sounds like a few I have had in the past. Must say, the chick w/the cell phone tops my list. I also enjoy the guy doing free weights in front of the mirror who is obviously in love w/himself and tells himself sweet nothings in front of the rest of us. Um, do you realize you're in public?

At least you got in a good (and entertaining) workout!