Monday, March 09, 2009

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Okay, before you freak out, I did not get engaged this weekend. But, I was surrounded by beautiful, sparkly diamonds.

My recently married friend has been having loads of problems with her engagement ring and wedding band. The problem? She keeps losing diamonds. She has like 80 little ones in the bands (yes, I said 8-0) and the prongs are too small to keep them in place. After nearly a year of problems, it's out to be fixed on last time. So, in the event she needs to find a replacement ring, we went out to do some research this weekend. How fun!

I know squat about diamonds (isn't that JP's job?) but picked up a few tidbits at some of the stores. Mostly, I learned what a tough job it is to learn everything there is to know AND pick out a diamond AND figure out which setting to choose AND not loose your lifesavings. Geez... I have a whole new appreciation for what JP is going through! When I told him that, I got the snort/laugh that says, "Yeah. It's a pain. It's a good thing I love you." :)

The weather was super crappy this weekend - major downpours. Made me super lazy and I didnt' get to the gym all weekend. YIKES! Last night I gave myself a little pep talk about how I need to be more dedicated to my health and fitness. Plus, if I'm gonna do a marathon this fall, I need to make my foundation a lot stronger. So... gym bag is in the car and I need to figure out my game plan for the week.

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Rebecca said...

wasnt it horrible!? and how about the temps... oh lord...

you and me both.. i cant believe how full the gyms still are?! are you kidding me!? what happened to all the drop outs!?