Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Catching up

I've been bad about posting lately... I keep telling that boy he's screwing up my schedule! :)

Had a great girls night out on Saturday. One of my friends is absolutely beautiful and, thus, all of her friends are too. Now I'm a fairly confident person, but you know that feeling where you know you're going to be surrounded by "beautiful people" and that you are, pretty much, going to be the least attractive person in the group? Yeah. That was me going into the night. We had a great time, and I met some of her friends that I hadn't met before. And, if I may be so bold to say, I don't think I was the least attractive person there. Secretly, I let out a sigh of relief and I think I was a bit more comfortable because of it. And, I'm really not that shallow of a person... really.

Sunday, had a nice recovery run. An easy 6 miles to stretch out the legs. My left knee still felt a bit twingy, but felt better afterwards. That afternoon I went over to see JP's new place. We went to get his fish for the aquarium, got ice cream, went putt-putting (he had never gone before), and rented a movie. It was a good time. He kinda freaked me out though, because he told me he doesn't like that we only see each other on the weekends and wanted to see me on a more regular basis. Umm... we've only known each other for a few weeks. I told him that seeing him too frequently, too quickly was just too much for me. I am (admittedly sometimes to a fault) fiercely independent and like to do my own thing. Seriously, he's jacking up my schedule already. He was understanding, but since I'm going out of town for work tomorrow, and to compromise, he came over last night for a little bit. Then, I won't see him until the weekend. It freaks me out a bit, but I figure at least this guy wants to see me.

Yesterday, had a nice easy workout with Ricky. And, tonight, had a nice 7 mile run. The weather was SO nice. Nice and cool, with a gentle breeze. Perfect. My legs were a little heavy at first, but they did carry me through 16 miles on Saturday. I'm doing a team tri this weekend in Lansing with an old college roommate and one of her friends. I'm looking forward to it, especially since doing a tri myself is something that has interested me for some time. I'm feeling stronger and beginning to enjoy my workouts again. Even though my goal is to go sub 4:00 at Detroit, I really have to say that feeling strong and enjoying running again is the biggest accomplishment I can make now.

Well, I've put off packing long enough (one of the most dreaded chores on my list) so I better get ready for my trip.


Laurie said...

Yes, be thankful he wants to spend time with you. But you are right to take it at your own pace.

Unknown said...

Girlie, I would LOVE a guy who wants to spend time with you. Count your blessings. But you are absolutely right about taking it at your own pace. He sounds like an awesome guy - one in a million.

Good luck during your upcoming tri.

SRR said...

Ain't nothing wrong with being shallow. But, hon...you are selling yourself short, I'm sure! You need to slap on some heels and strut your ass. :-)