Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Hills!

Well... the hill workout nearly destroyed me yesterday. It was tough.

Ran 2 miles to the hill, ran 4 hills and 2 miles back. My stopwatch was acting up, so I can't compare my hill times to the previous workout. It sure seemed harder and slower.

For one, my legs were post-2 days sore from the leg workout I did on Monday. Two, my abs were screaming from the ab workout I did on the stability ball on Tuesday. Grrr... Not giving up though. Weight training and ab/core workouts are IMPORTANT and I just have to work through it until my body gets in better shape.

3 miles tonight and maybe an arm weight training session afterwards.

Vaca tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait!


Jess said...

Hills are not my forte. Mostly because we don't have them here in FL, so they kill me.

Have fun on your vacay!

Ashley said...

yes... after all this running, track, hills, repeats - you are the ideal nuun candidate! ;) Try it, I promise you'll like the results. It is so hard to stay on top of hydration down here!!