Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lesson in chocolate

There is a Godiva chocolate store in my office building, and I've been very good about not going into the store to be tempted! Well... on Friday, I decided to wander in "just to look" on my way out. After seeing ALL of the candy (bulk candy everywhere, beautifully wrapped golden boxes of Godiva, even some "special edible treats" suitable only for adults...), I caved, deciding it was a holiday weekend and it would be nice to have some good chocolate around.

I picked up a box of Godiva chocolate covered cashews for JP and a bar of Godvia dark chocolate for me. I'm not a dark choclate kinda gal, but decided that since it's good for me, that's what I would go with. After all, I need those antioxidants!

Last night, I finally broke into it... and had a HUGE surprise. See... I didn't know the difference between dark chocolates. I picked up the 85% cacao straight from the Caribbean... I figured the higher the number, the better it would be. Make that the more BITTER it will be. I had to choke down one tiny square.

JP told me that's real chocoate... not the sugary milk chocolates we've become used to here in the US. :) This will be the longest any chocolate will last in my house, that's for sure!!!!

Anyway, heading to the doctor in a bit for what will hopefully be the last round of x-rays. Keep your fingers crossed she'll let me start working out again and maybe even start running again!!!!


Jess said...

Yeah, I have a childhood chocolate story that is somewhat similiar.

teacherwoman said...

Mmmm... yummy. wanna share? :)